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Short:AmigaGuide to *ALL* Amiga CD-ROMs! v1.6
Author:andersb at (Anders Bakkevold)
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This is version 1.6 of the "Amiga CD-ROM Guide". 
It was last updated on June 21st, 1996.

ACDG is a huge database which gives information on almost every
CD-ROM that works with the Amiga range of computers. It doesn't
include the commercial CD32/CDTV games.
  It is in the easy-to-use Amigaguide format, and information can 
easily be accessed through many nodes with different sorting 
methods. For example: Click on "Raytracing" and get a list of
CD-ROMs that would be of interest to Raytrace enthusiasts.
  You can also read reviews from CU-Amiga etc on a CD-ROM, if
available.  Amiga CD-ROM Guide is freeware.

If you wonder if a CD-ROM is worth buying, or what CD-ROM you should
buy, you'll find the answer here.

This version contains  354  Amiga CD-ROMs:

17BIT Collection         EMC Index CD             Multimedia               
17BIT Continuation       EMC Phase 1              Multimedia CD Coverdisc  
17BIT Phase 4            EMC Phase 2              Multimedia Mania         
17BIT The Fifth DimentionEMC Phase 3              Multimedia Toolkit 2     
2000 Mysteries           EMC Phase 4              Multimedia Toolkit CD    
3D Arena                 Emulators Unlimited      Music Maker              
3D Objects               Encounters               Music mod & Sound Effect 
A Bun for Barney         Essential Utilities      My Paint                 
AB20                     Euroscene                N.T.W.I.C.G. 2           
Adult Sensations         Euroscene 2              N.T.W.I.C.Games          
Adult Sensations 2       Express PD galore        Netnews Offline 1        
Advanced Military SystemsF1 Licenceware Volume 1  Network CD               
ADX                      FantaSeas                Network CD 2             
AGA Experience Vol 1     Fish & More 1            Nexus Pro                
AGA Experience Vol 2     Fish & More 2            Nothing But GIFs AGA     
All Dogs Go To Heaven    Fish & More 3            Nothing But Tetris       
American Vista Atlas     FolioworX                Octamed 6 CD             
Amiga Animations         Fonts CD                 Olsens Opal              
Amiga Developer CD v1.1  Fractal Frency           Online Library Vol 1     
Amiga FD Inside          Fractal Universe         Pandora's CD             
Amiga Grafik 1           FractalPro Image Lib 1   Personal Suite           
Amiga Grafik 2           Fred Fish Collection 1.1 Photo Lite               
Amiga Grafik 3           Fred Fish Collection 1.6 PhotoworX                
Amiga Grafik 4           Fred Fish Collection 1.7 PhotoworX Professional   
Amiga Magazin CD Vol 2   Fresh Fish 1             POV-Ray                  
Amiga Magazin CD 10/95   Fresh Fish 2             Power Games              
Amiga Magazin CD 1/96    Fresh Fish 3             Power On                 
Amiga Magazin CD 3/96    Fresh Fish 4             Pro Backdrops & Icons  2 
Amiga Magazin CD PD 1    Fresh Fish 5             Pro WB Backdrop Coll.    
Amiga Story 1985-1987    Fresh Fish 6             Prof. Fonts & Clipart    
Amiga Tools              Fresh Fish 7             Project Gutenberg        
Amiga Tools 2            Fresh Fish 8             ProPics #1               
Amiga Utilities 2        Fresh Fish 9             Publisher's Companion    
AmigaPlus CD Vol 1       FreshFish 10             QRZ! Ham Radio CD-ROM    
AmigaPlus CD 1/96        Freshfonts               QwikForms                
AmigaPlus CD 2/95        Freshfonts 2             Raytracing 1             
AmigaPlus CD 2/96        FrozenFish               Raytracing 2             
Aminet 1                 FrozenFish Aug 95        RHS Colour Collection    
Aminet 3                 FrozenFish-PC            RHS DTP Collection       
Aminet 4                 Gamers' Delight          RHS Erotic Collection    
Aminet 5                 Gamers' Delight 2        SAAR & AMOC              
Aminet 6                 Games & Goodies          SAAR & AMOC 2            
Aminet 7                 Gateway                  Scene Storm              
Aminet 8                 Get Started              Scenic Views             
Aminet 9                 GFX Sensations           Scorched Tanks Deluxe    
Aminet 10                GIF Gallery              Sentimental Wings        
Aminet 11                GIF Senation             Sex CD-ROM no.1          
Aminet 12                GIFs Galore              Sex CD-ROM no.2          
Aminet Feb 94            GIGA Graphics CDs 1-4    Sex CD-ROM no.3          
Aminet Set 1             Giga PD 3.0              Sexual Fantasies         
Aminet Set 2             Giga PD Update 1         Sexy Sensations          
AMUC 2&3                 Giga PD Update 2         SFX Volume 1             
AMUC CD 1                Giga PD v2.0             SFX Volume 2             
AMUC CD 4                Giga PD v2.1             Sheer Delight            
AMOS PD                  Giga PD v2.2             Shuttle Encyclopedia     
Amos PD Release 2        Gigantic Games           Software 2000            
Animatic                 Gigantic Games 2         Sound Site CD-ROM        
Animations Double CD     Glamour Girls            Sounds Terrific          
Animazing                Golden Power Volume 1.1  Source Code              
Animazing 2              Golden Power Volume 1.2  Space & Astronomy        
Arcade Classics          Goldfish 1               Speccy Sensations 2      
Arcade Classics Plus     Goldfish 2               Spectrum Emulator CD     
Arktis-Edition Vol 1     Goldfish 3               Spectrum Sensations      
Artworx CD               Graphics 1               Startrek Multimedia CD   
Assassins Games          Groliers Encyclopedia    Startrek Multimedia Gold 
Assassins Games No.2     Groliers Encyclopedia 2  SuperAUTOS 94/95         
Auge4000 / Cactus        Heroic Age of SpaceFlightSyndenis 3D-ROM          
BCI Net                  Home Beer Brewing        Ten on Ten               
BCI NET 2                Horror Sensation         Texture Gallery          
Berliner Spielekiste     Hottest 4                Texture Heaven 2         
Best Of Computergraphics Hottest 5                Texture Portfolio        
Between the Lines        Hottest 6                The Blanker Collection   
CAM Collection           Hottest Amiga Demos      The Beauty Of Chaos      
Caplex                   Hutchkinsons Encylopedia The C User's Group       
CBM 64 Sensations        Illusions 3D             The Colour Library       
CD Exchange vol. 1       Imagine 3 Enhancer       The EPIC Collection      
CD32 Gamer Issue 1       Imagine CD               The EPIC MM Encyclopedia 
CD32 Gamer Issue 2       Insight: Dinosaurs       The FMV CD               
CD32 Gamer Issue 3       Insight: Technology      The Global Amiga Exper.  
CD32 Gamer Issue 4       Internet Info            The Kara Collection      
CD32 Gamer Issue 5       Internet Info Vol 2      The Light Works          
CD32 Gamer Issue 6       Japan World              The New B. Elec. Cookbook
CD32 Gamer Issue 8       Klondike Gold            The Prof. GIFs CD        
CD32 Gamer Issue 9       Lechner Collection       The Prof. IFF & PCX CD   
CD32 Gamer Issue 10      LIGHT-ROM                The Prof. IFF & PCX CD II
CDPD I                   LIGHT-ROM 2              The Sound Library        
CDPD II                  LIGHT-ROM 3              Time Table of History    
CDPD III                 Lightwave 3D Enhancer    Top 100 Games            
CDPD IV                  Lock'n'load              Town of Tunes            
World Atlas              Lock'n'Load 2            Travel Adventure         
Clipart CD               Lottery Predictors       TrueColourCollection 1   
Clipart & Fonts CD       Lucky Dip                TurboCalc 2.1            
Cliptomania              Lucky Dip 2              Ultimate Mod Collection  
Club Toaster             Magic Illusions          Ultimedia 1&2            
Compendium Deluxe Vol 1  Magic Publisher 4 CD set UPD Gold                 
Compendium Deluxe Vol 2  Magic Workbench Enhancer Utilities 1-1500         
Compendium Deluxe Vol 3  Magna Media              Utilities Experience     
CU-Amiga Mega I          Makin Musik              VideoCreator             
CU-Amiga Mega II         Mathematik Leicht GemachtVisions                  
Da Capo                  Maximum Mods #1          Welcome to Africa        
Danish Girls Exclusive   MaxonRAYTRACE Pro        Women In Motion          
Datamix 1                Mediashare 11            Workbench Add-On         
dataTAX Forms            Mediashare 8             World Info '95           
Demo CD 1                Meeting Pearls I         World Of Amiga           
DEMO CD 2                Meeting Pearls II        World Of Clipart         
Demo Collection          Meeting Pearls III       World Of Pinups          
Demo Collection 2        Mega Bundle One          World Of Sound           
Demomania                Mega Bundle Three        World Of Video           
Demos are forever        Mega Bundle Two          World Vista Atlas        
Demos & Tools 1          Megahits 1               X Philes                 
Desktop Video            Megahits 2               XiPaint 3.2              
Desktop Pub.'s Dream 2   Megahits 3               XiPaint v4.0             
Deutsche Edition 1       Megahits 4               Your Privacy Assured     
Deutsche Edition 2       Megahits 5               Zoom                     
Digital Orchestra        Megahits 6               Zoom 1.5                 
Do It!                   Megahits 7               Zoom 2                   
E.S. CD Archive          Movie Maker 1: Special FX
East Asian               MODS Anthology           

That's 39 more than the last version!


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