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Y_LAcunaWB.lha pix/back334279K2002-04-24generic WB Background (800x600) - (readme)
XmasRachelPics.lzh pix/back421117K1992-12-21generic Christmas cartoon WB backdrop pictures - (readme)
Weird_3DO.lha pix/back322436K1998-01-03generic 24bit WB backdrop, warped 3DO logo - (readme)
wbstarspics.lha pix/back387329K1996-08-06generic Background-Pictures for WBStars - (readme)
WBScenes.lha pix/back574279K1993-05-04generic Natural landscapes for your WB backdrop. - (readme)
WBPicturE.lha pix/back3721K1997-01-09generic A simple brush to build the wb-background. - (readme)
wboingb.jpg pix/back95167K1999-02-11generic Boingballbackground for big WBs - (readme)
WBKutz.lha pix/back418178K1996-08-12generic Workbench Background Pictures - (readme)
WBBack.lha pix/back39883K1997-01-17generic Two backdrops for WB 3 - (readme)
WB-Patterns_1.lha pix/back3364K1995-02-07generic 33 wb patterns 2.0+ - (readme)
wallpapers_mwb.lha1.0pix/back19177.4M2016-12-04generic 128 MagicWB backgrounds (8 colors) - (readme)
wallpapers.lha1.0pix/back20351.3M2014-12-02generic Big collection of 4 color backgrounds - (readme)
visibk01.lha pix/back306853K1998-06-09generic Backdrops for usage in video presentations. - (readme)
Vir_ali1.jpg pix/back56554K1997-06-25generic (ALI) A VIRAGO Freighter as WB-Background... - (readme)
virgolawb.lha1.0pix/back4481.3M2005-09-13generic WB settings inspired by the upcoming OS4 - (readme) - (readme)
UseLessPattern.lha pix/back328671K1995-11-25generic 100 patterns in 2, 4, 8 and 16 colors - (readme)
unilogo.jpg pix/back50678K2001-10-03generic Emblem of the University of Stuttgart - (readme)
UltimateBackdr.lha pix/back386184K1997-07-11generic High quality backdrops for workbench or WWW - (readme)
ULPatterns3.lha3.0pix/back293444K1996-03-24generic 57 nice patterns - (readme)
ULpatterns2.lha2.0pix/back272508K1996-02-10generic 55 nice patterns - (readme)
Uberdrops.lha1.0pix/back300357K1996-08-29generic Backdrops for Uberbench. - (readme)
tubbba.lha pix/back288149K1998-10-20generic Boing Ball Backdrops Volume 2 - (readme)
TUBBB64.lha pix/back361210K1998-08-03generic Boing ball backdrops (6 bit) - (readme)
TUBBB16M.lha pix/back326791K1998-08-03generic Boing ball backdrops (24 bit) - (readme)
trendy-wb.lha pix/back31364K1996-01-21generic Trendy workbench with a sky backdrop. - (readme)
TotolivedTwice.lha pix/back23726K2000-05-07generic "Toto that lived twice" WB background - (readme)
TNY-Background.lha pix/back29316K1995-07-25generic 54 small backgrounds - (readme)
TNY-Backgrnds2.lha pix/back33148K1995-09-02generic 167 backgrounds for your Workbench - (readme)
TheBell_Xen.lha pix/back17941K1996-11-28generic Tubullar Bell big pattern - Xen version 640x480 - (readme)
Tama_Backdrops.lha1.0pix/back799249K2021-11-10generic AOS 3.2 dark themed WB backdrop - (readme)
SwalkerBack2.lha pix/back434421K1997-06-27generic WB-backdrops, 4,8 and 16 color backdrops - (readme)
SwalkerBack.lha pix/back385130K1997-04-16generic For WB, 4 backdrops 640*400, all 8-colors - (readme)
SV_AMIGA.lha pix/back35997K1998-04-06generic AMIGA Logo for backdrop and web - (readme)
sunset_sky.jpg1.0pix/back756700K2015-07-01generic Sunset Sky - (readme)
STPattern.lha pix/back257510K1995-09-23generic StarTrek WB-Backgrounds (800x600) - (readme)
StateOfTheArt.lha pix/back947870K2007-10-18generic StateOfTheArt wallpaper - (readme)
starry.lha pix/back431219K1993-04-23generic 8 color image for NickPrefs backdrop - (readme)
SSW_Ottawa2012.lha pix/back7824.7M2012-05-30generic Photos of the S Scale Workshop in Ottawa - (readme)
SSW_Laval2014.lha pix/back8704.6M2014-10-23generic Photos of the S Scale Workshop in Laval - (readme)
SoultrySkY_BG.lhaV1.0pix/back3572.0M2002-07-25generic 7 WB_Backgrounds 1280x1024 [by cYbo] - (readme)
SimpMotoBD.lha pix/back4481K1994-06-08generic A simple Motorola (R) backdrop for your 2.0+ WB. - (readme)
shuttlebackgro.jpg pix/back618284K2001-09-04generic Background for Workbench (or so) - (readme)
SheLove.png pix/back1236203K2002-07-31generic An Girl Related WB Background [by cYbo] - (readme)
SHARKbench.jpg pix/back64370K1997-12-17generic Backdrop from my 24-bit-CGX3-WB - (readme)
Schwert2.jpg pix/back57820K1997-06-25generic (ALI) A nice Sword with Lighteffects as Background... - (readme)
SaturnWB.lha pix/back324126K1998-11-03generic Cool Saturn Backdrop. - (readme)
RR_backdrops.lha1.0.2016010...pix/back1209221K2016-01-05generic A collection of Workbench backdrops - (readme)
RMG-WBpics1-8c.lha pix/back581253K1993-09-18generic 8 color WB backdrop pictures - (readme)
Rioback.jpg pix/back549242K2001-05-11generic Photo background - (readme)
rid_backpats.lha pix/back378522K1999-07-08generic 17 nice workbench-patterns in png-format - (readme)
Found 312 matching package(s):
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