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Short:CD Jewel Cover Templates for FinalWriter97 & Pagestream
Author:mpiva at
Uploader:mpiva bigfoot com
Version:Version 1.0
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        For Final Writer & Pagestream

Created by: Michael A. Piva    mpiva at
            ©2002 Amiga Armory

Requirements: FinalWriter97 or Pagestream

   I recently bought myself a CD Writer for my Amiga, but after making
several CD's, I took a look on the AmiNET for for a program or something
for printing out covers for CD Jewel case.  Unfortunatly I couldn't find
anything.  I don't, currently, have the programming knowledge to write my
own by I am pretty handy with a DTP.  So here's a couple

Final Writer Template:
   The basic graphical layout will probably work with older versions of
Final Writer but the enhanced text frame features of FW97 are much easier
to work with and not limited to only 37 characters.

   This template is good for whipping up quick covers for your CDs.  It
includes a fold-out front cover.  Print pages 1&2 back-to-back and when you
slip the cover out of the CD case, you can open it up like a book to read
whatever you put on page two.  Page 3 has the back cover and side panels
along with a label for the actual disc.  Use this disc label AT YOU OWN
RISK.  Most CD manufactures request that you do not stick any labels on

   The file "CD Cover - PartitionBackup" is an sample of a CD Cover I made
for a CD containing a backup of some of the patitions on my computer.

Tips:  * Use text frames wherever you can such as the inside pages of the
         fold-out and the back cover.  However, text frames cannot be
         rotated so you'll need to use text blocks for text written upside
         down or sideways.

       * Final Writer can't rotate imported graphics so if you want to put
         a graphic on the Front Cover or Inside Flap you'll need to flip it
         with an external paint program such a PPaint first.

       * Final Writer can only print 4096 colors so don't use pictures with
         more coloer as they with look ugly.

     *** TEST THE LAYOUT.  Everything works GREAT with my printer, but
         check it with yours with just the basic template.  The sizes
         should not need adjusting but you may need to play with the
         left-to-right and top-to-bottom position of pages 1&2 so they
         print over top of each other properly.

Pagestream Template:
   Since Pagestream is immensely more powerful than Final Writer, this
template gives you control over virtually every aspect of you Jewel case
cover.  The basic layout is the same as the Final Writer layout but with
the back cover on the first page and an additional insert at the end.  For
an example of what can be done, take a look at "CD Cover - AminetGames1".
This is the first of 3 CDs I made including every single file in the Aminet
"games" directory.   The inside of the pull-out and the extra insert
contain a listing of every single file on the CD (Yes, my printer IS
capable of printing out 2.6pt text legiably :)  When the insert is stapled
along the fold of the pull-out, the directory listing reads like a book.
BTW, the AmiNET graphic on the back cover is from the AmiNET website and
the background on the front cover is taken from the AmigaOS3.5 CD and
slightly altered.

*** Just like the Final Writer template, TEST the printout to see if the
positions need to be adjusted slightly so things print back-to-back

Please let me know what you think of these templates and if there's any way
I can improve them.

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