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Short:Real 3D V2 raytraced bowling alley [DD]
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PICTURE Bowling.jpg     (51633 bytes)

SIZE    640 * 512 pixels


        The picture has been converted from 24-bit RGB image with
        free JPEG software version 4, using quality 85.

        JPEG format has been developed by Independent JPEG Group.


        A picture of a bowling alley is a good for showing some capabilities
        of Real 3D V2. Maybe that's way they have put a bowling picture on
        the cover of the Real 3D package.

        I wanted to create my own bowling-alley picture and here is the
        result. The pins have been created using Real 3D's lathe-command,
        which constructs complex objects from simple solid primitives like
        cylinders and hyperboloids. The pin surface is totally smooth and
        it's also very fast to render this, because no polygons are used.

        The ball was harder to create than I thought. First I tried
        to create a totally black ball, but it absorbed all the light
        and didn't create any reflections. Then I tried a dark grey ball,
        which created some reflections, but the ball was grey, not black.
        Somebody suggested on Real 3D mailing list, that a bowling ball
        could have a 'wax' layer on the surface of the ball. So I created
        a wax layer, which I made totally transparent and 100% reflective.
        As you can see, the ball is now black on the middle, and there
        are some reflections on the edges. Also there is a specular
        highlight created by the lamp. (There should be an option to
        adjust the color of the surface reflections, it would be much
        easier to create these kind of surfaces that way.)

        The positions of the pins have been calculated using Real 3D's
        collision detection feature. I created the scene so that the
        pins were in an initial position, like in a real bowling alley,
        and then I threw the ball at them.

        The motion blur was calculated with Real 3D. It is not intended
        for still images, and doesn't look very good on them, but it
        makes animations look much smoother.


        5 August 1993


        Real 3D V2 V2.34

        Real 3D V2 is the most professional three dimensional rendering
        program available for any home computer.

        The image was created on Commodore Amiga personal computer.

        Real 3D V2 is a trademark of RealSoft KY.

LEGAL   You may copy and distribute this archive, containing this
        README file, the INDEX file and the picture file. This README
	file MUST BE INCLUDED in the archive.

        If you post this image to some Usenet newsgroup, the README
        file must be included with the post.

        You are not allowed to modify or retouch the image in any way.
        This image must be distributed in its original JPEG format.

        You may use the image in your own productions as long as you
        mention the author, 'Delusion designs' somewhere in your

        You are not allowed to sell this image. Your are only allowed
        to charge a minimal copying fee, that may not exceed the price
        of a one 3 1/2 floppy disk.

        On brain-dead filesystems, you may abbreviate the name of the
        archive and the name of the picture.

        Copyright © Delusion designs 1993 - All rights reserved

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