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Short:Jaybee's home-made NewIcons for HD-installed games [PREVIEW]
Author:James Maurice Battle (jaybee at
Uploader:James Maurice Battle (jaybee aiab freeserve co uk)
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Jaybee's HD-Game NewIcons  -  25/05/99

Hi there peeps! James here, bringing you a collection of home-made newicons
for JST/WHDload HD-installed games, to be used for "whatever you want".

Yup, I was pretty surprised no-one had actually put together an archive of
newicons like this...well someone probably has....but...oh well...either
way they werent very good. Anyway, heres some information that I cant be
bothered to put into a nicely written paragraph:

*   All the icons were created by me - so if you use them in anthing,just
    mention my name or something. ;)

*   The icons are mainly from titlescreen grabs or gameboxes from Buzz's
    great site - Exotica.  ( - i think....)

*   The icons are usually 93 pixels wide or tall (ie: they're big).

*   The icons have been created for a light background, and transparency
    used wherever possible (some are just "button style") - I have included
    a small BG pic (cream.jpg) as an example. This basically means the
    anti-aliasing will look crap on most Babylon-5 backgrounds (oh yes....
    that is all part of being an Amiga owner....[shudder]...)

*   The icons should have the correct default tool, so you ought to just
    be able to copy them over - if not use Iconizer or something.

*   The icons have been saved in the "single" format, meaning there is
    only one image tag (eg: no IM2= ) Basically, this makes them load
    faster, and halves the filesize.  Do we really need to know if we've
    clicked an icon anyway?

*   The icons have no "classic" image, meaning you'll only see a white
    dot if you dont have newicons running - but every does, right?
    Again, this saves on loading and diskspace.

*   Several classic, and some not-so-classic games are catered for - if you
    want an icon made, just let me know first, send me the game (hd-install)
    and I'll be happy to help out ;)

....sorry about that, but I really couldnt be bothered putting sentances
together, you know how I mean?

All of these icon were taken from my AmigaInABox archives.  AmigaInABox is
a collection of packages for UAE users (including myself) to see what a real
Amiga can be like. Check out:

In case you didn't know, everything in this archive has been created in
WinUAE - thats right, I dont actually own a real Amiga, yet seem to spend
more time on "the Amiga" than "the PC" - ironic huh?.....

Anyway, thats about it really - if youve got any comments about these icons
or just wanna "flame" me for using WinUAE you can email me below.


    James Maurice Battle     -    jaybee at

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