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Short:Really great MPEG you cannot afford to ignore!
Author:Processed by Gert Kuiper (106107.2625 at
Uploader:Gert Kuiper (106107 2625 compuserve com)
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Yes! Here's another great (both in size and contents) MPEG anim
for all you die-hard Amiga users out there. Just like earlier
MPEGs I compiled, this one was done with the 'bring-the-best-PC-
stuff-to-the-Amiga-idea' in mind. No, it's not Quake, nor is it
F1GP2, sorry :)
This time I've chosen to bring you something very nice and special:
The famous 3DS Max 'Golden Knight' animation. I want to make it
VERY clear that it was NOT I who made this excellent anim (I wish
that was true... keep on dreaming) It was designed by someone
at AutoDesk/Kinetix, the people who brought 3DS and 3DS Max to the
PC. The only thing I did was converting it from AVI to MPEG with
the help of the great EasyMPEG processor (also on Aminet!).
I know this anim, apart from the fact that it was compiled on
an Amiga 1200, has absolutly nothing to do with the Amiga but
I liked it so very much that I wanted to share it with you. It took
more than 13 hours to convert it from PC AVI to 'Amiga' MPEG, but
it was worth waiting for. 
I think you will be amazed when you watch this anim over and over!
I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but try something like 
this with Imagine or Lightwave! I could be wrong, but I think that's
very very very difficult. But then again, I could be wrong! :)
If this file appears in the top downloading list I will make some
of the other 3DS Max demo anims available. So download this monster!
Perhaps a better idea is to buy Aminet CD15 so you can play it from
This anim is best viewed on a fast (040+) Amiga with a 24-bit color
GFX board! You can also use any other present day computer to play it!

Enjoy the show!

Gert Kuiper from the LODGE Corporation (the makers of TimeCalc)

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