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Short:X0x style midi and audio sequencer
Author:aseq at
Uploader:aseq aseq de
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**This is a beta and it WILL have bugs read the note at the end of the readme**

This is version 0.5 public beta of aseq. Aseq is supposed to become a 
commercial program and stands for "A sequencer", it is an x0x" style sequencer. 
What this means is that the sequence is represented by a row of buttons, mostly 
16 or 32, which can be pressed or depressed to reflect a "hit", mostly of an 
instrument or a sound of some kind. It is a very easy to understand and 
straightforward method of sequencing, made famous by the various Roland 
machines like the 303, 606, 808 and 909. Aseq is not and will never be a 
"tracker" style sequencer, if you seek such a sequencer I would suggest to try 
out Octamed Soundstudio and similar.

This public beta has saving disabled, plus some minor other tweaks to reflect
its public beta status. Email me for suggestions, bugs, information etc. And if
you like to donate money, use the above email address as an ID on Registered beta tester should soon be contacted about receiving
a full version for testing purposes.

- OS friendly design throughout
- Reasonably fast
- You can both do stepsequencing and realtime sequencing
- "Unlimited" amount of patterns, songs and songlength etc.
- Semi flexible pattern lengths
- Runs on various screenmodes and is font sensitive
- Per step data can be tweaked, like volume, pitch, speed etc. (click on the
  button under the note)
- Midi monitor
- Can be master(sends timing, play start etc.), slave(receives timing, play 
  start etc.), or none
- Ability to tweak the midi data sent individually per note(midi event editor)
- Ability to write a string of midi data and send it through midi
- Ability to create your own midi data "packages" to use as if it was a note,
  this means you can send any data through midi at any step in the sequence.
  Note: This requires more indepth knowledge of midi commands and devices
- Much more

Quick install:
Unpack the archive wherever you want, that is it. Check the tooltypes for
configuration options.

Aseq has been written with OS-friendliness in mind. This means everything has
been done to completely make it independent of the underlying hardware. Ideally
this means it should run on whatever system, as long as it supports the AmigaOS
api, the 3.1 version preferably. Currently it has only been tested on classic
Amigas of various configurations, running AmigaOS 3.1.

Aseq plays sounds through midi and also using the AHI device, but to fully      
appreciate and use Aseq you need:
- Midi interface
- Midi capable devices
- A reasonably fast system to replay enough AHI channels
- Creativity
- Patience with regards to bugs ;-)
- guigfx.library and render.library(Aseq will run fine without those)
- AHI(again Aseq should run fine without this)

You are free to choose which device Aseq will use to send it's midi data
through, but mostly that would be the serial.device, as most Amiga midi
interfaces connect to the serial port. The usage of, for example, a midi port on
an audio card, should be transparent, as long as the device driver understands
and accepts the required commands. This has not been tested.

Known issues:
- The replay may lag a bit when switching screens a lot, it is my understanding
  this is impossible to fix unless I would use interrupt handlers. Aseq does its
  timing and replay not through interrupts, but uses a method which approaches 
  the speed and responsiveness of interrupts, without the added OS 

- The progress indicator may appear to "forget" to "turn off" a gadget, this is
  harmless and just a result of how interaction with intuition and such goes. 
  The forgotten gadgets will be restored to its required state when the 
  indicator "runs" over them again or when you hit stop, play and such.

- When monitoring midi the replay will slow down so the rather slow output of
  the monitor console can keep up. Of course monitoring is mainly useful for
  educational purposes and diagnosing so this should not be a problem.
- The mixer currently only works with midi and of course your device(s) should 
  be able to accept the various mixing commands(panning, volume per channel etc)

- The background picture's colours may become corrupt when using a 256 colour
  resolution and displaying the about window, this is harmless.

- A manual has not been written yet, but Aseq's main functionality should be
  intuitive enough to understand.

- AHI by its very nature is slow, expect that :-)

- This is an early public beta, expect things to break and read the disclaimer

- The image used has been adapted from an original one created by Sander van de 
- Timo Sievanen for (early) testing
- Gwendolyn


#include <discliamer.h>
Every effort has been made to cause no harm, either personal or material, by 
using Aseq, but the author does not take any responsibility for any damage 
caused by using Aseq directly or indirectly and so forth and so on.

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