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Short:Flowy,Spacey,Dark and Crazy MMD3 Format
Author:jazz at (Jason Johannson)
Uploader:jazz dowco com (Jason Johannson)
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                |  April 25, 1997
      __________|                                                |          |
     |                                                            |        |
     |      |     |         |   |     |    __   |     |    |   |   |      |
  ___|    __|   __| _____   | __|   __| __|   __| __|_|  __| __|  __|  __|
      __|   |     |         |    __   |   |     |   |   |  |   |       |
     |      |     |    _____|   |     |   |     |   |_  |  |   |     |  |
     |      |__   |   |         |     |   |__   |   |   |  |   |    |    |
     |    ________| __|       __|   __| ________| __|  ____| __|   |      |
     |                                                            |        |
                |                                              __|        __|
  ______________| _ __ ___ ____ _____Promise_____ ____ ___ __ _


                    This module written and composed by
                   JaZz of EuphoniX, Copyright (c) 1997
                   , Jason Johannson. 

                   As you can tell, there really hasn't
                   been any new material from us for 
                   quite some time. Well this might be
                   because as far as I can tell, I'm
                   the only one left writing mods.

                   'Tis a shame but not suprising. I
                   myself have left mods for quite some
                   time. Only recently have I decided to
                   start firing them out. =)

                   EuphoniX has split into basically 2
                   entities over the years. EuphoniX the
                   Mod making group and Euphonics the
                   studio band if you will. Quite frankly
                   I haven't a clue as to where I fit in
                   with Euphonics anymore. It would be a 
                   hoot to get back together with them 
                   again, but for now I think I will stand
                   on my own for EuphoniX and on my own
                   in the studio under another name.
                   They seem to be doing just great 
                   without me and I'm behind them all the
                   I'll have to inform them about the 
                   status of some of 'old' studio material
                   I still have on DAT kicking around. 
                   I'm about to schedule a re-mixdown of
                   a lot of it and put it through the 
                   motions of making it available on CD.
                   And in the very near future, you can 
                   look forward to hearing about more
                   of my own projects to come. Not to
                   mention more mods from EuphoniX!

                   Why 'Promise'? Because I promised 
                   myself I would write something to
                   be released by about this time. ;)
                   The mod was written on an A3000T 030
                   '882 25Mhz in Multiscan Productivity
                   Mode. 8 channels, 8bit mode at about
                   44Khz mixing frequency. Stereo of 
                   course and no smoothing. Echo is on
                   at 50% cross etc etc etc. Not a great
                   piece, but cool to listen to and that's
                   about all that counts right? =)

                   If you play the tune with OctaMEDPlayer
                   (V7.0+), REMEMBER to jump into Multiscan 
                   Teijo's OctaMEDPlayer (which is needed to
                   play this mod if you don't have OMSS) can
                   be found at:

                   Anyways, if your processor is too slow,
                   just play with the settings ( preferably 
                   the mixing freq ) to make it suit your
                   systems limitations. It sounds rather
                   dull and dry without cross echo. =)

                   Anything below an '020 will probably
                   render the mod a waste of time. =(
                   And yes, thank you to all those out 
                   there for the great samples I've ripped
                   off. =) I have plenty of my own but it's
                   sometimes more worth my while to use the 
                   ones I like from other's work. <shrug>
                   It's not like I'm the only one out there
                   who does this...

                   Greetz go out to my Fiancee' (Yes! I'm
                   engaged! Woo! Noelle Stevens), My buddy
                   Adam Clark (my studio engineer) and his
                   S.O. Kristyn - Heyas!, and everyone else
                   I should give greetz! ;) (cheap way out!)

                   Oh! And one more thing. To Sidewinder,
                   about 3yrs ago, in IRC I attempted to
                   dcc him a piece of my latest work.
                   Transfer was slow and I went to bed.
                   It wasn't til the next morning that
                   I realized that somehow I lzh'd my ram
                   disk, and yup, that was the file that
                   I dcc'd to him. =) Sometimes there is
                   a point at which you can stay up too
                   late! Amazingly enough the lzh'd ram 
                   disk was the exact size of the mod I
                   intended to send him. Go figure...

                   And now, after all this time I'd like
                   to beg his pardon. <smirk>

                   Well, now that I no longer carry that
                   burden, I feel much better. ;)
                   Now GO! Enjoy the mod!

  JaZz at
  or KoOsh in irc when and if I'm ever there. 



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