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Short:Apple ][ Disk Transfer via Serial Port
Author:pg at (Paul Guertin), agmsmith at (Alexander G. M. Smith)
Uploader:agmsmith achilles net (Alexander G M Smith)
Requires:AmigaOS 2.04+, Apple ][ with serial card, null modem cable.
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This is a quick and dirty port by Alexander G. M. Smith of the server
side half of Paul Guertin's freeware ADT (Apple Disk Transfer) 1.22
system from MS-DOS to the Amiga.  Posted with his permission.

The unchanged client side (Apple ][ program, included) reads and writes
standard 5.25 inch 16 sector 35 track floppy disks under Apple DOS 3.3,
using raw sector reads and writes so it can also transfer ProDOS disks.
The data read or written is transfered over an Apple super serial card
running flat out at 19200 baud with RLE compression and 16 bit CRCs to
the server, which dumps the data to/from a native Amiga file.  You can
run it all from the Apple ][, even getting remote directory listings
from your Amiga, to make dumping multiple disks easier.

The resulting "DOS order" disk image file can be used in Apple
emulators, such as the Apple2000 emulator on the Amiga (available on
Aminet).  There are also several utilities for extracting files from
the disk image file and otherwise manipulating it.

See the README.TXT file in the MSDOS subdirectory for instructions on
how to set up your Apple ][.  You'll need a terminal program for the
Amiga to download the Apple software to the Apple (though you may be
able to copy/type them to AUX: or SER:).  The files you download (from
the AppleII directory) may need to have the line end characters changed
from the MSDOS standard pair of CRLF to be the one the Apple uses
(Carriage Return - CR) or the ones the terminal program expects (Line
Feed - LF).  Use a utility like AGMSFixText to fix up the text files,
or change settings in your terminal program so that it sends a carriage
return to the Apple ][ at the end of each line.

Here's a sample session on the Amiga side (the Apple ][ side has a
nicer user interface with a big table of all the sectors, updated as
they are read / written / transmitted):

3.0 Ram Disk:Stuff> adtam 19200

Apple Disk Transfer 1.22, Amiga version.
Device name: serial.device
Device unit number: 0
Baud rate: 19200
Type Control-C to interrupt server mode and enter a command.
Got command "D" from the Apple II.
Sending directory listing of RAM DISK:STUFF
Line  3, File   0, Name "ADTAM".
Line  4, File   1, Name "ADTAM.C".
Line  5, File   2, Name "COMMAM.C".
Line  6, File   3, Name "COMMAM.H".
Line  7, File   4, Name "SCOPTIONS".
Directory listing finished.
Got command "S" from the Apple II.
Receiving file name.
Receiving file "MY BOOT DISK.DISK", Control-C to abort.
Receiving track $00: FEDCBA9876543210
Receiving track $01: FEDCBA9876543210
Receiving track $02: FEDCBA9876543210
Receiving track $20: FEDCBA9876543210
Receiving track $21: FEDCBA9876543210
Receiving track $22: FEDCBA9876543210
File "MY BOOT DISK.DISK" received successfully in 1:22 (1748 cps).
<typed control-c at this point>
Enter R to restart, Q to quit: q

3.0 Ram Disk:Stuff>

Contents of misc/emu/A2Adt4Am.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                 1494    3140  47.6% -lh5- d111 Feb  8  2000 AdtAm/A2Adt4Am.readme
[generic]                16492   27200  60.6% -lh5- 2cda Feb  8  2000 AdtAm/Amiga/AdtAm
[generic]                 5536   19940  27.8% -lh5- f402 Feb  8  2000 AdtAm/Amiga/AdtAm.c
[generic]                 2305    7413  31.1% -lh5- fb1b Feb  7  2000 AdtAm/Amiga/CommAm.c
[generic]                  594    1161  51.2% -lh5- 4f67 Feb  7  2000 AdtAm/Amiga/CommAm.h
[generic]                   78      88  88.6% -lh5- 49d4 Feb  8  2000 AdtAm/Amiga/SCOPTIONS
[generic]                 9873   36415  27.1% -lh5- 9c1b Jul 14  1999 AdtAm/AppleII/adt.asm
[generic]                 2967    8439  35.2% -lh5- 0322 Jul 14  1999 AdtAm/AppleII/adt.dmp
[generic]                21851  143360  15.2% -lh5- 845f Jul 14  1999 AdtAm/AppleII/adt122.dsk
[generic]                  957    2580  37.1% -lh5- bac9 Jul 14  1999 AdtAm/AppleII/Adtcfg.bas
[generic]                 3865   14561  26.5% -lh5- 93eb Jul 14  1999 AdtAm/MSDOS/adt.c
[generic]                23316   35316  66.0% -lh5- 4dce Jul 14  1999 AdtAm/MSDOS/adt.exe
[generic]                 3190   10120  31.5% -lh5- 6d3b Dec  4  1995 AdtAm/MSDOS/Comm.c
[generic]                  272     573  47.5% -lh5- 1a0f Oct  7  1994 AdtAm/MSDOS/Comm.h
[generic]                 6188   14955  41.4% -lh5- 04ac Jul 14  1999 AdtAm/MSDOS/readme.txt
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        15 files   98978  325261  30.4%            Feb  9  2000

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