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Short:Chunkyppc.library (WarpUP and 68k)
Author:MagicSN at
Uploader:MagicSN Birdland es bawue de
Architecture:m68k-amigaos; ppc-warpup
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There have been many changes since the first public release, mainly as
Hyperion Software wanted to use my chunkyppc.library for their
upcoming games, like for example "Heretic II". Also some upcoming
Public Domain products like WarpMAME will probably profit of
this library. This is version V26.

Version 25->26: V24/25 crashed when exchanging resolutions with
		QuakePPC. I fixed this bug. Sorry :)

Version 18->25: The following Bugfixes:

- PIP Support works now also in 8 Bit
- added env:<name>/resize for PIP Resizing support (put there 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 or
- WB Window Mode does not screw up the lower part of the Window anymore
- HAM8 Support works again (was broken in the last versions)
- Bugfixed Picasso96 Support (some versions crashed under P96 under
  certain circumstances)
- Speeded up Chunky-Copy still a bit
- Recompiled without Debug-Information 
- Updated EGCS-WarpUP Includes, so it also works with EGCS-WarpUP V2.95.1

I recommend to commercial firms to assume at least V25 of chunkyppc.library
if they use it for commercial products installed and include also this
version to the CDs. I already forwarded a copy of this new version to

Version 15->18: Some bugfixes which appeared together with the upcoming
Quake Port by Frank Wille and me. They probably would also have interfered
with Hyperion Software's Smacker Port (they only appeared in 8 Bit).
I also updated the includes for vbcc, which were a bit out of date.

*This library is freeware and whoever wants to use it can use it.*
*Support for StormC, vbcc and EGCS, 68k and WarpUP always, is    *
*included. Authors of commercial or Shareware software are       *
*allowed to include chunkyppc.library in their programs.         *

But they had a lot of wishes for new features. Look at the documentation
for details.

chunkyppc supports:

- Screen
- Workbench Window (for Cybergraphics and Picasso 96)
- AGA (highspeed HAM8 c2p), thanks go to malemana at :)
- Pubscreen support
- PIP for Picasso 96 (possible that support for PIP on CGX
  will be added in the next version)
- ASL or rtgmaster requester (rtgmaster will only be used
  if installed, chunkyppc runs also without it, and even
  if it is installed, you can disable it and use the ASL
  requester instead)
- On-the-fly-conversion between different 16 Bit formats
- 68k support for a lot of functions added

A lot of the new functions only exist for 8 and 16 Bit colordepths, as
Hyperion currently only needs 16 Bit colordepth.

Changes V14->V15

- a lot of bugfixes
- chunkyppc.library now uses LockBitmapTagList/UnlockBitmap around
  Chunky-Copy, to be on the sure side, if a future Amiga GFX Board
  needs it. By setting env:lockingmode to 0 this can be disabled,
  though (Note: lockingmode is a GLOBAL env: variable which applies
  to ALL chunkyppc.library based programs currently running)
- I tried to implement CGX PIP, but found out that cgxvideo.library
  only supports YUV, and no "normal" modes, and if a conversion to
  YUV would have to be done every time, the speed-increase due to
  direct VRAM would not happen anymore... so PIP is only for
  P96 in chunkyppc.library...
- Note about some "known limitations":

  * HAM8 support only works in Fullscreen mode, and only in
    Single Buffering. It only seems to work nice in PAL or DblPAL
  * If Doublebuffering is used, Requested size and real size have
    to be identical (in Triplebuffering this is no problem)
  * If you *in AGA* request a 320x256 mode, but the user chooses 640x512,
    the result might look STRANGE. This problem only appears for AGA.
  * HAM8 in 640x512 is S L O W. Around 5x slower than Lowres. But i
    guess this is a "known limitation" of AGA... in Lowres HAM8 it
    is still nearly as fast as on a Zorro 3 GFX Board.
  * Not all WB Emulations support Triple-Buffering. Just try if
    yours supports it, if not, use Doublebuffering or Singlebuffering.

Steffen Haeuser

Contents of driver/video/chunkyppc.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                  327    1350  24.2% -lh5- 845d Jan 16  1999 chunkyppc.fd
[generic]                  473     859  55.1% -lh5- dadb Jan  6  1999
[generic]                  648    6644   9.8% -lh5- e89a Jan 26  1999 chunkyppc.lib
[generic]                  369    1654  22.3% -lh5- d11e Jan 26  1999 chunkyppc_lib.h
[generic]                 1848   11154  16.6% -lh5- b55d Oct 14  1999 chunkyppc_protos.h
[generic]                 1696    8834  19.2% -lh5- db1d Feb  5  2000 chunkyppc_protos.h.ade
[generic]                  464     861  53.9% -lh5- d494 Feb 23  1999
[generic]                 1831   10977  16.7% -lh5- 833c Nov  1  1999 chunkyppc_protos.h.step3
[generic]                  124     171  72.5% -lh5- 3686 Jan  6  1999 chunkyppcbase.h
[generic]                  464     861  53.9% -lh5- d494 Nov  1  1999
[generic]                 1128    4412  25.6% -lh5- 72ad Dec 31  1999 chunkyppc_protos.h.vbcc
[generic]                 6569   27328  24.0% -lh5- 3cb6 Jan 26  1999 linkchunkyppc.lib
[generic]                  474    2406  19.7% -lh5- 05bd Jan 26  1999 linkchunkyppc_protos.h
[generic]                 1895    6122  31.0% -lh5- be7c Jan 26  1999 test.c
[generic]                 5553   13719  40.5% -lh5- d1b6 Feb  5  2000
[generic]                30370   80524  37.7% -lh5- 773f Feb 11  2000 chunkyppc.library
[generic]                 2046    4088  50.0% -lh5- d211 Feb 12  2000 chunkyppc.readme
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        17 files   56279  181964  30.9%            Feb 12  2000

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