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Short:Three Super72 Replacement Monitors
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Here are three replacements for the Super72 monitor driver.

One increases the refresh rate to 83Hz and the scan rate to 27.22 kHz,
allowing an 800x600 pixel screen and minimal flicker.

The second offers 77Hz and 26.33kHz, respectively, allowing an 832x628 
screen, but slightly more flicker.

The third offers 85Hz and 30.5kHz, which most VGA monitors should be
able to display easily.  This is at the cost of reducing visible
resolution to 704x628.

It is up to you which one you use.  Your choice can be made on how
much screen you want, how much flicker you can stand, and what
specs your monitor can handle.

Some VGA, and maybe the 1940/42, monitors may now be able to show 
this monitor.  You may want to check your monitor specs before you
try this, but if you do try it and get no recognisable picture just 
reset the computer ASAP to prevent monitor damage.
It works fine on my NEC 3D (which was able to show the original
Super 72 anyway).

I used a WB3.1 monitor driver as a basis for this driver.
(from CBM's upgrade distribution, which you should also download
if you have KS3.0 - pub/aminet/os30/util/Monitor30Patch.lha)

I am not sure if it works under less than KS3.0, but copying the
tooltypes from this icon into the WB2.1 Super72 monitor icon
should work.

Remember, it's the tooltypes that make the difference, not the 
monitor code itself.


1.  Rename your favoured monitor to "Super72".

2.  Copy the Super72 monitor and (especially) its icon into the 
    devs/monitors drawer, copying over the existing one if necessary
     - use drag and drop, or use DirOpus, etc. etc.

3.  Reboot the Computer.

4.  Change your screenmode, to Super72.  Do not SAVE but USE instead 
    (just in case it doesn't work).
    Boom, crash, bang - less flicker(!)

5.  If you have no recognisable picture it may be because your monitor does
    not support frequencies as low as 26.33kHz or refresh rates as high
    as 85Hz.  My NEC 3D seems to work at over 100Hz easily, even though
    the specs only say 90.  

6.  If your monitor can display the screenmode then:
    Load Overscan prefs and set the Super72 screen size to be exactly 
    800x600 or 832x628 depending on what monitor driver your have
    chosen to use - even if it appears as though the full 800/832 pixel 
    width will not be visible.  Super72_VGA should be set to 800x628.
    Save the Prefs.
    NOTE: If using Super72_VGA, you must also set your Screenmode prefs
    to a Width of 704 pixels.  You may also have to slide the screen
    to the left (with the mouse) to display the entire screen.

7.  Hope you like it!

Usual disclaimers apply.

Thanks to the author of MONED (Raul Sobon) whose
software helped me create this monitor.
The Super72 monitor driver is Copyright ©Commodore-Amiga 1993.

Craig Arnoldt
derf at
i897515 at

10/1/94 - Changed the Docs to clear up some questions I got.
          Changed back to the normal Commodore monitor icon.
          Credited the author of MONED by name.
          Added Commdore-Amiga copyright on Super72 code.
          Added the Super72_77 monitor driver.

21/1/94 - Added Super72_VGA monitor driver for VGA monitors, by popular
          Changed Docs again(!).

Contents of driver/moni/super83b.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                 4602    8168  56.3% -lh5- 16db Mar 15  1993 Super72_77
[generic]                  238     502  47.4% -lh5- 7b91 Jan 10  1994
[generic]                 4602    8168  56.3% -lh5- 16db Mar 15  1993 Super72_83
[generic]                  237     502  47.2% -lh5- 843d Jan 10  1994
[generic]                 4602    8168  56.3% -lh5- 16db Mar 15  1993 Super72_VGA
[generic]                  239     502  47.6% -lh5- bc71 Jan 24  1994
[generic]                 1628    3319  49.1% -lh5- 3c99 Jan 24  1994 Super83b.readme
[generic]                  231     463  49.9% -lh5- a43f Jan 10  1994
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total         8 files   16379   29792  55.0%            Jan 24  1994

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