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Short:704x480/60Hz monitor driver for AGA
Author:bitbrker at (Terry Miller 2)
Uploader:bitbrker ionet net (Terry Miller 2)
Requires:AGA Amiga and a VGA monitor.
Distribution:Give it to everyone that uses AGA+VGA monitor!
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704x480 31.55kHz/60Hz monitor driver for AGA

  Included in this archive is a hacked Overscan.prefs and a hacked that allows a larger horizontal overscan in 31.55kHz
(704 instead of 640). As most people know, most VGA monitors have
trouble with 27kHz (the default DBLNTSC rate). And at 29kHz, most VGA
monitors will present a "washed out" picture. That is because they
really were designed for 31.5kHz as minimum for the horizontal scan
rate. The files in this archive mostly alleviates this problem by
providing a 704x480 (352x240 in LoRes) and a 31.55kHz/60Hz scan rate.
There are also a lot of VGA monitors that won't display a 50Hz 
DBLPAL display either. And of course, 50Hz screens have that annoying 
flicker. 60Hz is really the minimum you should go for viewing 
comfort (trust me!).

Problems:  The hardware seems to require skipping the first 2 lines
          or so or the display will look messed up. This is of course
          set properly in the Overscan.prefs file, but I'm warning 
          you so you won't be freaked out if you try to modify the
          Overscan settings. So, the vertical ends up being 480
          lines rather than 482. 
           256-color mode in hires is a bit sluggish, but its still
          usable. But of course, this is a bandwidth problem common
          to just about any mode other than 15kHz NTSC. I have found 
          128-color mode to be quite comfortable, though. In any 
          case, this will provide you with an acceptable display 
          until you can upgrade your Amiga 1200/4000/etc. with a
          Picasso IV or CyberVision card.
           Another benefit of this monitor driver is that it allows
          a 50kHz/14-bit sampling rate for the audio! Your WAV and
          MIDI files will sound great!
Warning:   The Overscan Prefs program will be confused by the altered
          Overscan.prefs file. This is normal. However, do not try to
          alter the DBLNTSC overscan settings with the Prefs program
          or the hacked values will be overwritten.
Notes:	   The Horizontal Sync may have to be adjusted for your monitor
          in order to center the display. The HSSTRT and HSSTOP tooltypes
          in the file have been set for my monitor so that
          the Amiga output is in about the same position as my PC laptop's
          output. That way I don't have to fiddle with the controls when
          I switch between computers. You may have to use MonEd to get it
          just right for your monitor, though. 
                              Enjoy!                        ----> Tm2           

Contents of driver/moni/dblntsc31.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                 7683   14000  54.9% -lh5- 25ba Apr 19  1997 BootControl
[generic]                 4524   11745  38.5% -lh5- a162 Apr 19  1997 BootControl.doc
[generic]                 1189    2804  42.4% -lh5- 5860 Apr 19  1997 DBLNTSC31.doc
[generic]                  228    1668  13.7% -lh5- e160 Apr 19  1997
[generic]                10176   10472  97.2% -lh5- 511d Apr 19  1997 MonEd
[generic]                 1613    1616  99.8% -lh5- 0560 Apr 19  1997 MonEd.readme
[generic]                  230     423  54.4% -lh5- 0940 Apr 19  1997
[generic]                  133     202  65.8% -lh5- 49c8 Apr 19  1997 overscan.prefs
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total         8 files   25776   42930  60.0%            Jun 15  1997

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