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Short:Ultimate InfraRexx enhancer/expander
Author:megacz at
Uploader:megacz usa com
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Hellow, yew reader yew! Me is very happy to present to you:

                  'InfraRexxHandler' - TADA! -,

a 'InfraRexxDaemon' expander. It basically allows to spawn 'handler',
which is configuration file driven and so you do not need to edit 
'codeset' file anymore, which is kinda poor on ARexx command space.
This also means that you can get rid of all sort of script files and
make necessary changes in 'conf', which is normal ARexx syntaxed file.
Also, this proggy allows to generate help screens!

See source for more details, or screenshot 'InfraRexxHandler.lbm'

'InfraRexx' is a package that allows to control your Miggy with
almost any(unless there is a codeset) remote control.

This package contains needed executables taken from 'InfraRexx'!


Requires 68020(no FPU)+, OS 2.04(3.x for graphics)+, 512+ KiB of free
memory, rx, gui, gui4cli, infrarexxdaemon, infrarexxeditor, rexxevent,
ILBM datatype, rexxplslib, rexxmast

You need free joystick port, some parts(see 'doc/InfraJoySchem.lbm'),
some skills and the equipment to build the receiver. Probability of
destorying the computer is very low, however you can fry tracks on the
pcb or fry the psu if you short 5V and GND(they reside one next to the
other) by mistake, so be careful! Sensitivity of the receiver module
is very good, if your room is bright enough you will be able to 
steer without explicitly pointing at the receiver.

Program creates so called 'handlers', these are just ARexx processes
with their own ports on which they receive data from 'InfraRexxDaemon'
who is programmed(by the codeset) in such a way that commands get
routed to the right handler and the right label(in which your code

Properly installed 'gui4cli' is req. to be able to see help screens!
If generation doesnt work check if you got ILBM datatype and required
font(see 'zenith.gc')!

Uncompiled script is much slower than the 'rexxplus' version, but this
does not affect handlers at all, only launch times are different.
I will probably rewrite the 'infrarexxhandler' in C some day.

You can create your own setup very easily, each setup should contain:
   <setupname>.codeset  -  heart of the deamon - infrared codeset
   <setupname>.conf     -  handler configuration
   <setupname>.gc       -  'G4C' help template
   <setupname>.pic      -  picture of the remote controller to be
                           used in the template
If you got Zenith ZEN500+ Universal RC then you can customise and use
my setup. If you want your setup to be in this archive let me know.
Any hacks, improvements, ideas, etc. are very welcome!

If you find proggy not working, check ARexx setup(libs, server) and if
'rx' command is in path!

You do not need to copy anything into your system, 'infrarexxhandler'
can be used from under its directory after 'cd'ing to it.



 *** t: InfraRexxHandler <file[.conf]> [ [re]start=[name] | stop=[name] |
                          help=<name[,n]> | status=[name] | edit ]

          <file[.conf]>  -  name of the setup, this means all the 
                            files have to have <samename><.extensions>, 
                            like 'zenith'

     [[re]start=[name]]  -  start or restart all or particular handler, 
                            like: "restart irhandler_vcr" - name of the 
                            handler is case insensitive

          [stop=[name]]  -  stop all or particular handler

      [help=<name[,n]>]  -  generate help screen for particular handler 
                            and [,mode] - 1 by default

        [status=[name]]  -  check state of the handlers and daemon

                 [edit]  -  stops the daemon and launches editor



   cd InfraRexxHandler-0.1
   InfraRexxHandler zenith

megacz at

Contents of driver/input/InfraRexxHandler.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                 2961    6248  47.4% -lh5- 22e7 Mar 24 00:57 InfraRexxHandler-0.1/doc/InfraJoySchem.lbm
[generic]                15828   42814  37.0% -lh5- 4375 Aug 14  1997 InfraRexxHandler-0.1/doc/
[generic]                 3527    9670  36.5% -lh5- 71c5 Nov  5  1995 InfraRexxHandler-0.1/doc/
[generic]                  778    1455  53.5% -lh5- 85d8 Apr 23  1995 InfraRexxHandler-0.1/doc/RexxEvent.doc
[generic]                 8311   15984  52.0% -lh5- 0099 Mar 24 16:15 InfraRexxHandler-0.1/doc/zenith-orig.pic
[generic]               453371  453371 100.0% -lh0- 2bf9 Mar 24 00:01 InfraRexxHandler-0.1/doc/zenith.lbm.lha
[generic]               121500  135161  89.9% -lh5- 0dc7 Mar 23 22:54 InfraRexxHandler-0.1/doc/zenith.pdf
[generic]                 6369   14580  43.7% -lh5- ce89 Sep 12  2005 InfraRexxHandler-0.1/InfraRexxDaemon
[generic]                15237   47932  31.8% -lh5- 3cc2 Sep 12  2005 InfraRexxHandler-0.1/InfraRexxEditor
[generic]                24855   58628  42.4% -lh5- 154f Mar 25 20:36 InfraRexxHandler-0.1/InfraRexxHandler
[generic]                43166   75598  57.1% -lh5- 5a3b Mar 25 21:06 InfraRexxHandler-0.1/InfraRexxHandler.lbm
[generic]                 1788    3861  46.3% -lh5- 7be7 Mar 26 00:30 InfraRexxHandler-0.1/InfraRexxHandler.readme
[generic]                 3435   12779  26.9% -lh5- 7f9e Mar 25 17:30 InfraRexxHandler-0.1/InfraRexxHandler.rexx
[generic]                 8873   14596  60.8% -lh5- 5086 Nov  5  1995 InfraRexxHandler-0.1/InputStream
[generic]                 2386    4716  50.6% -lh5- 6bf0 Apr 23  1995 InfraRexxHandler-0.1/RexxEvent
[generic]                14975   27856  53.8% -lh5- c482 Mar 24  2007 InfraRexxHandler-0.1/rexxplslib.library
[generic]                 1211   13704   8.8% -lh5- 997a Mar 25 00:21 InfraRexxHandler-0.1/zenith.codeset
[generic]                 4254   29492  14.4% -lh5- 18bc Mar 25 20:55 InfraRexxHandler-0.1/zenith.conf
[generic]                  812    2354  34.5% -lh5- 956e Mar 25 21:32 InfraRexxHandler-0.1/zenith.gc
[generic]                 8742   16254  53.8% -lh5- 101d Mar 25 00:11 InfraRexxHandler-0.1/zenith.pic
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        20 files  742379  987053  75.2%            Mar 26 10:57

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