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Short:Amiga-Mania World IRC Channel in NaNet
Author:Raul Silva <Amiga-Mania at>
Uploader:Raul Silva <Amiga-Mania sapo pt>
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   Amiga-Mania HomePage:
   Amiga-Mania HomePage:
      Amiga-Mania Forum:
Onine Amiga-Mania Radio:
Onine Amiga-Mania Radio:
   Total Chaos HomePage:
   Total Chaos HomePage:
    Amiga Shop HomePage:
    Amiga Shop HomePage:
  Amiga-Mania WebServer:
                 E-Mail: Amiga-Mania at
                ICQ UIN: 86496405
              Jabber ID: amigaufo at
      MSN/.NET Passport: luarsilva at
      AOL/AIM Messenger: amigaufo
        Yahoo Messenger: amigaufo
          IRC NickNames: Songonco / AmigaUFO / AmigaUFO-DJ
IRC Amiga World Channel: #Amiga-Mania
          NaNet Servers: / /
          DalNet Server:
                   Port: 6667
    NaNet Admin / IRCOP: AmigaUFO

Hello all Amigans in all countrys in this world.

 I've opened an Amiga world english IRC channel to join all 
Amigans around the world.
 I like to see people from all the countrys of this world 
there exchange information about Amiga, help another 
users, about software, hardware installations, etc.
 I like to see all there talking about the best computer
in the planet, all people Users, Programmers, GFX designers, 
Betatesters, musicians, 3D artists, animators, etc.
 I'll give Voice to all with Real Amigas online and latter OP too.
 My objective is join all Amigans there, to make this channel the
best Amiga channel in the world, full of Real Amigans.
 Join Real Amigans to do new Amiga project to released in this
channel in homepage, in Special Amiga-Mania File Server and in 
Amiga-Mania FTP Server.

  Amiga-Mania Channel Features:
- I have my new Special Amiga-Mania File Server online in the channel 
also to all Amigans users. The File Server works with  at Find,  at Get, etc
commands, more informations are online in the channel, type in
the channel the command !AmigaFServerHelp to see all Amiga-Mania File 
Server commands.
 The direct link to Amiga-Mania Channel page is:
- Other Amigans in the channel have his Amiga File Servers and Amiga 
FTP Servers online.
- I have an online help BOT plugin in the channel also when I'm online.
- I have the new Amiga-Mania Geral Quiz, Amiga-Mania Games Quiz, 
Amiga-Mania Acronyms Quiz games, online for all users play Amiga Quiz 
online, has only questions about Amiga only, with 440+ Amiga questions 
about Amiga software, hardware, history, etc, done by me :)
 If you like to play Amiga-Mania Quiz games in the channel, simply ask 
to AmigaUFO in the channel to run it for you, many Amigans can play this 
Quiz games. :)
- We have 24h online also an Amiga EggDrop BOT with many features to all 
users in the channel, with commands like: !Google, !XGoogle, !Yahoo, 
!Define, !Seen, !TopTen, !Idle, !Ping, !Vote, !Deuro, !Charts, !Translate, 
etc. And !Stats, !Rose, !Coke, !Beer, !Pastaga, !Penalty, !Time, 
etc. (Min +v voice flag)
- We have 2 DLinks in the channel from old Amiga-Mania channel in NaNet 
and Dynamite game chat.
- We have an Amiga Game Server in the channel also, to play online Dynamite 
game to talk in the channel when we play Dynamite game.

 I´m online every day from 22/23 hours Lisbon time search for nick
AmigaUFO or AmigaUFO-DJ.
 My nicknames are: AmigaUFO and Songonco

 I'm looking for good Demo/Intro programmers, 3D graphic renders picture
animators to do me a good Amiga-Mania 3D render pictures, Anim and Demo
Intro to Amiga-Mania homepage, channel and Special Amiga-Mania File Server.

  Please add these infos to AmIRC servers window and save the prefs.
      Channel: #Amiga-Mania
         Port: 6667
 NaNet Server:
DalNet Server:
Other NaNet Network Servers:

Other DalNet Network Servers:

 Now Amiga-Mania homepage and Amiga-Mania channel are the Official Total Chaos 
homepage and Total Chaos AGA channel game.
 The author of Total Chaos game works this moment with TCP/IP support, soon we 
have all Total Chaos players playing the game online in #Amiga-Mania channel.
The Total Chaos homepage is:

 I move the Amiga-Mania homepage to a new Webserver from
to no more annoying banners, popups, and broken
 The is now the Amiga-Mania homepage but the old
continues online also.
 I wait for all Amigans feedbacks and many true Amigans to join Amiga-Mania also


                 AMIGA - Commodore Amiga 1200. (Rev. 1D1)
           AmigaOS 3.9 - Workbench v45.3 (3.9), KickStart v45.57 (3.1 File)
                         AmigaOS 4 BETA
                Memory - 2MB Chip 32MB Fast, 1 SIMM EDO 32MB 60ns.
      Tower Amiga 1200 - RBM TowerHawk 1200 II EX
        Amiga Keyboard - Amiga 4000 Keyboard in Portuguese from Amiga III
           Speed Board - Blizzard 1230 IV with MC68030, MMU at 50Mhz FPU 68882
at 50Mhz.
               Monitor - Commodore 1960, 14"
        Floppy Disk DD - Amiga 1200 Internal Drive 880K
           HD UltraATA - Western Digital Caviar AC313000R UltraATA 66 with
13.1GB, 3.5".
     Interface SCSI II - Blizzard SCSI-KIT IV.
  Disco Rígido SCSI II - Quantum LPS540S with 520MB, 3.5".
                 Mouse - Optical mouse with 3 bottons from Alfa Data OMM-MT-S
                JoyPad - Competition Pro CD³².
              JoyStick - Quick Shot II  Deluxe Joystick Controller SVI
   Stereo Sound System - PowerMax 500/B - Multimedia Subwoofer System - TEAC
                         Satellites: 2 x 75 Watts, Subwoofer 350 Watts
                 Modem - Ethernet Cable Modem 512/128 with RJ45 and USB
                         3Com U.S.Robotics 56K Faxmodem 56.400bps
          NetWork Card - Micronet PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter, 10/100 Mbps
           Cable Modem - Octal Ethernet Cable Modem 640/128 with RJ45 and USB
                Router - Wireless Barricade Broadband Router - 11 Mbps Wireless
Cable/DSL Broadband Router
                   HUB - OvisLink Ethernet HUB 8+
       Scanner SCSI II - Mustek ScanExpress 12000SP, 600dpi (H) x 1200dpi (V) - 
                         9600dpi x 9600dpi, 36bits with 68.7 billions of colors.
  Transparency Adapter - Transparency Adapter IV  Mustek
               ZIP 250 - Drive Iomega ZIP 250MB, SCSI II.
                 CD-RW - YAMAHA CDRW 6416S, SCSI II.
               DVD-ROM - PIONEER DVD-303, 6x 32x, SCSI II.
PlayStation Memorycard - Interface for MCControl ( Read, save, delete, 
                         format PlayStation Memorycards )

AmigaOS 3.5/3.9/4.0+ Betatester, Translater graphics and Glowicons designer.
Basic, HTML and Javascript programmer
Amiga Software Betatester
Amiga Software Translater
Amiga graphics, Newicons and Glowicons designer
ATO Translater
ATO-PT Translater

          AMIGA 4 EVER

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