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Short:Search CeeD's & Co Disks database
Author:1schuppe at
Uploader:1schuppe informatik uni-hamburg de
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Welcome to CDIndex!

This is release ß2 (see history for changes). Search for (new) to
see changes in this documentation.

If you use CDDA player programs such as CeeD (by Peter Urbanec)
and create a database of your CDs, this is the program for you!
CDIndex allows you to search in such databases; just enter the pattern
and press return.

0. Installation
1. Graphical Interface
2. Keyboard Accelerators
3. Message Line
4. About the Search Algorithm
5. Program Information
6. Future Versions

A. About The Database Included in this Distribution
B. Authors Address
C. History (new)

0. Installation

Just copy CDIndex (and it's icon) to your favourite directory. Click on
the icon and set the tooltypes:

    DISKSPATH   Specify the directory where CDIndex will find the
                index files of your CDs. Don't forget a "/" at the end
                of the path.
                (default EH0:PublicDomain/Disk/CeeD/Disks/)

    WINX        Position of the top left corner of CDIndex's
    WINY        window. (default 0)

    TITLEPOINTS         Points, if pattern was found in the title (10)
    ARTISTPOINTS        Points, if pattern was found in the artist line (10)
    FULLWORDPOINTS      Points, if pattern is a complete word (5)
    MATCHONLYPOINTS     Points, if pattern was found inside a word (1)

1. Graphical Interface

Artist          Artist of current displayed CD

Title           Title of current displayed CD

(Listview)      All tracks of the current CD are displayed here

Pattern         Enter your seach pattern in this string gadget

(Cycle)         Allows you to modify the search area. The possible
                values are:

                Anywhere        Searches in artist, title and track
                Artist          Searches only in the artist line¹.
                Title           Searches only in the title line¹.
                Track listing   Searches only in the track listing¹.

Start Search    Press this button to start search.

<               View previous entry (if available).

>               View next entry (if available).

2. Keyboard Accelerators

Instead of using the mouse, you can also activate every function with
your keyboard.

a           Copy artist into the string gadget.

c (C)       Next (previous) value of the cycle gadget (search area).

p           Activate string gadget for text entry.

q or x      Quit CDIndex

s           Start search.

t           Copy title into the string gadget.

<           View previous entry (if available).

>           View next entry (if available).

3. Message Line

The message line shows your information of CDIndex's status or gives
you information of the search results of the current displayed CD.

4. About the Search Algorithm

The search algortim is based on the algorithm of Booyer and Moore and
gives different points the following reasons (you could change the
values with the tooltypes, see above):

    10  points if the pattern was found in the artist line
    10  points if the pattern was found in the title line
     5  points if the pattern is a whole word
     1  point if the pattern was found anywhere else


    You search for the pattern "Love" in your database which contains
    only this CD:

    Artist: Software
    Title : I Love To Love

    Track #1: I Love To Love
    Track #2: I'm Your Loverboy
    Track #3: Science Can't Be Crime
    Track #4: Last Track

    Than this CD reaches 41 points:

    15 points for the first "Love" in the title
    15 points for the second one.
     5 points for the first "Love" in track #1.
     5 points for the second one.
     1 point for "Love" in "Loverboy"
    41 points

    If this was the highest rating, it is set to 100%.

    Notice: The search is case sensitive if you have upper case
    letters in your pattern; it's case insensitive if you enter
    only lower case letters (This feature was already implemented
    in the first release, but not mentioned here). (new)

5. Program Information

This program is a beta release, which means

    · not fontsensitive (it uses topaz 8)
    · not checked for enforcer hits (I have only a 68000)
    · not guarrented to work correctly
    · ...

CDIndex is Public Domain (whatever this means...).

6. Future Versions

Hmm, maybe. Yes, this one! (new)

A. About The Database Included in this Distribution

The file mydisks.lha includes some of my audio CDs. You could use it
to test CDIndex, use for your own or delete it...
If you want a complete catalogue of all my CDs, send me an e-mail (see
address below).

B. Authors Address

    Fin Schuppenhauer
    Braußpark 10
    D-20537 Hamburg

    E-Mail: 1schuppe at

C. History (new)

ß1                  · Initial release.

ß2 (29.03.1996)     · CDInxex crased, if you have index files bigger
                      than 1024 bytes. Now increased to 16834 bytes.
                    · Artist and title search was mixed up

Format of CeeD's & Co. index file. Each CD is represented as an own
file, the filename is the CD ID, for example "ID1440322D041741". The
data is readable ascii of the follwing form:

First line  : Artist
Second line : Title
Third line  : Track #1
Fourth line : Track #2
...           ...
line n+2    : Track n

Contents of disk/cdrom/cdindexb2.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                 9324   16804  55.5% -lh5- 771f Mar  8  1996 CDIndexb2/CDIndex
[generic]                  443     969  45.7% -lh5- fc5f Feb 26  1996 CDIndexb2/
[generic]                 2307    6321  36.5% -lh5- f43e Mar 29  1996 CDIndexb2/CDIndexb2.readme
[generic]                   16      16 100.0% -lh0- bbdd Feb 24  1996 CDIndexb2/m2c.opt
[generic]                   14      14 100.0% -lh0- 153b Feb 25  1996 CDIndexb2/m2l.opt
[generic]                23556   23556 100.0% -lh0- deab Feb 26  1996 CDIndexb2/mydisks.lha
[generic]                 8270   37958  21.8% -lh5- 97ba Mar  8  1996 CDIndexb2/txt/CDIndex.mod
[generic]                  260     628  41.4% -lh5- fc99 Mar 29  1996
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total         8 files   44190   86266  51.2%            Dec 24  1997

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