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Short:Embed a C program inside UNIX shell script, ADE.
Author:wisecracker at (Barry Walker)
Uploader:Lincolnshire AMIGA Group.
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Distribution: Public Domain, Emailware.


Architectures: Classic AMIGAs, WinUAE and FS-UAE.

  MINIMUM Requirements Are:-

       68EC020 CPU and 2MB CHIPRAM, 8MB Fastram, A1200(HD) with expansion.
       WinUAE Version 1.5.3, FS-UAE Version 2.4.1 minimum emulation.
       Standard OS3.1x install or better.
       ADE, the UNIX like environment, see URL below.
       (It might work on E-UAE too but untested.)



Version 1.00.00:- Original and only upload to AMINET...


This is the second of some very simple UNIX style shell scripts for use with
the ADE, UNIX like, suite, found here:-

The idea is to give we lowly users of an A1200(HD) with memory expansion a
taste of the UNIX environment along with the power of the UNIX shell.

The shell is 'ksh' and appears to be ~ksh88~ as floating point arithmetic
does not exist in this version. As the 'bc' and 'dc' commands are not part
of ADE then floating point maths will have to done through 'awk'. In the
ADE implementation of this UNIX suite 'awk' has some foibles but they can
be overcome.

This program shows how to create a very simple _embedded_ C program, compile
it on the fly and run it using a UNIX, ksh88, shell script.

This was written on a Macbook Pro circa August 2012, OSX 10.7.5 and run
through FS-UAE in full screen mode. Also tested on WinUAE, on Wndows 8.1.
(Designed for the above minimum requirements.)

Just download the script '' into the ADE '/home/' drawer,
rename it to '', change the access rights 'chmod 755'
and run from the '/home/' drawer as './' without the single
quotes... It is slow to compile but it works and shows that you could write
a C tool of your own and run it inside a UNIX shell script.
This is a fun script to demonstrate that the gcc suite works correctly and
also the flexibility of the ksh88 shell.

This and other small snippets will be DEMO scripts to show the power of the
UNIX ksh88 shell at around the time of the A500 appearance.

Current UNIX environments ARE more sophistacted but this script still works
on them and that makes just another reason why the UNIX shell is so cool.

Keep an eye open for more small snippets of UNIX shell code on AMINET to
support the great work done by the guys that have given you the environment
that runs UNIX shell code...

Enjoy finding simple solutions to often very difficult problems... ;o)


  The archive is Public Domain/Emailware and you may modify it/them as you
  please for your OWN experiments. See below. I would dearly love an Email
  from you even if you think it is absolute rubbish... :)

  (Original working idea and (C)2016 goes to B.Walker, G0LCU.)



    The Legal Stuff:-

    These programs are Public Domain and no profit will be made from them,
    also all of the files must remain unaltered and intact including this
    one. The author is not responsible for any damage to, or loss of, or
    failure of equipment or data caused in any way by the use of these
    programs. There is NO warranty with the use of these software releases


    Testing Evaluation:-

    All emulated and Classic AMIGA test conditions were/are running standard
    OS3.1x and using standard ~topaz 8~ fonts throughout.

    I have no idea what strange configuration setups will create so refer
    to the ~The Legal Stuff~ above.



   Mr Barry Walker, G0LCU.

   Email:-     wisecracker at

   Author of the ~TestGear?~ projects in the ~docs/hard~ drawer of AMINET.


   A very useful HardWare related site, (C) Anthony Hoffman, for
   modifications, schematics, repairs and the like is:-



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