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Short:AMON hex monitor (Pascal source)
Author:nikemoto2511 at (alex of I.N.C.)
Uploader:nikemoto2511 yahoo ie (alex of I N C )
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preface 1: 
the TOS/TOC of aminet have more priority than the TOS/TOC of
I.N.C., which are listed up below. however, similiar to software tasks,
this does not inhibit their existence. some terms of I.N.C. have general
nature,like a supervisor interrupt.

preface 2:
the program is tested for compilation with pascal55 (borland) under msdos.
however, it should be possible to compile it within the various amiga
implementations, i.e. modula2. it does not contain hardware specific code.
its original purpose is to support the creation of sega mega drive software.
this is a 68000 machine. AMON is part of a developement package, which
represents a compact, open source assembler for the 68000 processor.
the yet existing files (opcode table generator) are included into the package.

monitor program to perform control read tasks. the software does not contain any
edit functions.
 it is thought, this is not necessary. instead, the following steps can be
1. write a data table
2. read the source file into buffer slices, replace sections by applying the
data table.
3. write the buffer slices to a secondary file.

unless you created derived work (i.e. port to amiga os), please only pass
the complete archive in unmodified form. because of its tiny size, this
is possible easily.
-source code, pascal55 (borland)
-limited public domain. this means the following:

if you understand GPL, you do not compulsory have to read this.
 however, I.N.C. is not strictly a recursive acronym.
 there is no claim that I.N.C. would be a recursive acronoym.

-terms and conditions of the hardware/software manufacturers apply.
 this affects the hardware/software environment the program is stored, displayed
and executed on.
 in addition, the terms and conditions of the hardware/software manufacturers,
 for whose products the program was designed for, do apply automatically.
-the purpose of action is prescribed as  supportive towards society/internet
community, and to
generate/increase wealth within a social and money based economy. if these ideas
are not understood,
it is doubtful if it is possible to understand programming/the purpose of
programming as such.

-continiuated commercial distribution, corporate/company usage requires a
licence agreement.
-there is no compulsory right, that the  program can permanently perform
industrial/supportive tasks.
-the programmer/programmers do not take  responsibility for action performed at
will, utilizing this software.
-in addition, following rights are declared: the right to download this program.
the right to read this program.
the right to store this program on various media. the right to execute this
the right to distribute and communicate this program at appreciate places 
(i.e. similar to the one where it was published by the author).

-as long as this not affects derived work, which represents at least a physical
 which is increased by three times (3x), extension/modification does not change
 the author has unlimited rights to the program. the user/distributor has
limited rights to the program,
 including the obligation to agree to common T.O.S./T.A.C. (terms of
service/terms and conditions), 
i.e. yahoo! inc. usage of this program requires understanding netiquette
(internet etiquette), 
because it is distributed in that way. if this does not apply to you, than this
program was not written for you.
 notice most materials nowadays contain the following: "who should read this

words not understood can be found in a dictionary. 

alex of I.N.C., 31st october 2005.

bugs and program features:
-the monitor operates buffer slices. thee default is 2048 word (4kbyte). file
must be aligned to this size.
 by modifying the source code, this can be changed, i.e. to 512 bytes.
-the monitor offers options: to extend tthe file. to operate a secondary,
extended file.
 to go a way with the file. if not aligned, this generates run time error on
file<buffer size.
-the flicker at the bottom of the statuss line is random "static noise".

planned extensions:
 none. however the datatype allows a similiar sprite monitor. there are options:
-to allow edit/modify of single sprites  within a chunk, which contains multiple
-to apply the same strategy: source spriites are edited as single files.
 they are stored into a directory structure (offered by the operating system). 
this is the purpose of an operating system. a compilation tool combines multiple
sprites into one file
 (to save disk space, due to sector size of i.e. 4kbyte/16kbyte). 
otherwise, this would not be necessary, because the operating system offers
exactly this by directory trees.

Contents of dev/moni/amon.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                  919    4987  18.4% -lh6- ea81 Oct 30 22:50 amon/r2.txt
[generic]                  881    2493  35.3% -lh6- b236 Oct 30 22:48 amon/rootdir.txt
[generic]                 2045    7196  28.4% -lh6- 545b Nov  2 03:32 amon/AMONTPU.PAS
[generic]                 1670    4985  33.5% -lh6- 4101 Nov  7 15:21 amon/AMON.PAS
[generic]                  879    1721  51.1% -lh6- 1b6d Nov  7 15:23 amon/AMON.DOC
[generic]                  631    2822  22.4% -lh6- 55b4 Nov  2 02:47 library/FNAME.PAS
[generic]                 1234    4766  25.9% -lh6- 6fb3 Nov  2 01:29 library/TBLSTR.PAS
[generic]                  107     172  62.2% -lh6- e36a Nov  2 02:44 library/BUF.INC
[generic]                  602    1788  33.7% -lh6- 9f71 Nov  5 03:09 library/FCOPY.BAK
[generic]                  601    1772  33.9% -lh6- 0400 Nov  5 03:18 library/FCOPY.PAS
[generic]                 1633    5992  27.3% -lh6- 9f83 Oct 10 10:30 68k_gen/OCGEN68.PAS
[generic]                 2035    6024  33.8% -lh6- 4e2d Oct  1 05:29 68k_gen/OCTBL.PAS
[generic]                 1499    5144  29.1% -lh6- 3162 Oct  1 04:13 68k_gen/OCTBL68.PAS
[generic]                 5698   29563  19.3% -lh6- 362f Nov  7 15:28 doc2.html
[generic]                 2280    5052  45.1% -lh6- 92bf Nov  7 15:27 dme.doc
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        15 files   22714   84477  26.9%            Feb 23 08:40

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