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Short:Standard Template Library for StormC v4
Uploader:Raymond Zarling (rayz cs csustan edu)
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Since it took me several days to configure a port of the Standard
Template Library (STL) for StormC version 4, I thought I'd publish
what I came up with.

The STL is a terrific set of algorithms and data structures which
enable a C++ programmer to more quickly implement programs.  Although
the STL is part of the most recent C++ standard, to date only the
Gnu compiler gcc implements it on the Amiga.

The latest release of StormC from Haage and Partner (
does not include the STL as shipped, but is a sufficiently powerful and
complete compiler that it can be augmented with an STL obtained elsewhere.
This file describes how you may do that.

This project is based on the code provided at, a
freely redistributable port of the STL which works on a wide variety
of computers and compilers.  Until now, nobody had evidently customized
the port for the Amiga, however.  When you go to the stlport web site
they ask you to register so they know who is using their code.  In order
not to subvert their procedure, this archive contains only the Amiga-
specific configuration files (and one header file that needed to be
modified for the Amiga).  You will need to download the bulk of the
STL port from stlport's web site.

--STL References--

For more information on the STL see:
Austern, Matthew H., _Generic Programming and the STL_, Addison Wesley 1999.
Robson, Robert, _Using the STL_, Springer Verlag (2nd ed, 2000).

--Procedure To Install the STL--

Download StlPort version 4 (the tar gnuzipped archive format) from and uncompress and unpack it.  This will create a
directory STLport-4.0 which contains several subdirectories.  The
only subdirectory that is really needed to get things working is
stlport, though you may find some of the others interesting as well.

Copy the stlport directory to StormC:.  Do whatever you wish with the
other directories from the archive.

Replace the following files in StormC:stlport with the ones in this archive:

	config/stl_stormgcc.h (new file)

--Using the STL--

For any project which will use the STL, add StormC:stlport as the first
include path (before StormC:include) in the Environment Settings list of
include paths.  In your program, include whichever pieces of the STL your
code requires, e.g. #include <string> or #include <algorithm>.  Under
Compiler Settings, you will of course need to use C++ as your language.
Some parts of the STL use exceptions, so you may need to enable them.

In addition to the STL component, you also get the new-style system
header files whose names do not end in .h; e.g. <iostream> instead of
<iostream.h> and <cctype> instead of <ctype.h>.  Technically, if you use
these new-style headers, you are also supposed to enable the std::
namespace with the line "using namespace std;".  With the StormC compiler
(and with gcc) this line is currently optional, although for forward
compatability it is probably wise to include it.

That's it!  Enjoy!


I have tested the STL configuration in this archive fairly broadly, including
string, list, vector, map, iterator, input_ and output_iterator, valarray,
exception, find, sort, rel_op, ptr_fun, etc. on small and large programs,
including several feature interactions.  It has not however been tested
deeply--to date I have only tried a few dozen programs altogether, and with
only a few compiler settings.  It is entirely possible I have not yet gotten
all of the dozens of STL settings quite right.  Most of what I did was found
by trial and error; it could be that more trials will find more errors...

The stlport distribution includes some non-standard extensions; I have
disabled those in my configuration files because I want to keep my code
portable.  I have also not tried features like the STL debug modes or
multiple threads.

If your usage leads you to make futher configuration changes, please let
me know what problem occurred and how you resolved it so I may consider
it for a future release.

--Original STLport Copyright Notice--

From the web site, the port available there is

	Copyright © 1999,2000 Boris Fomitchev

	This material is provided "as is", with absolutely no warranty
	expressed or implied. Any use is at your own risk. Permission to
	use or copy this software for any purpose is hereby granted
	without fee, provided the above notices are retained on all
	copies. Permission to modify the code and to distribute modified
	code is granted, provided the above notices are retained, and a
	notice that the code was modified is included with the above
	copyright notice.

This modification is distributed under the above license, and any use or
redistribution is governed by the same limitations, freedoms and restrictions.

Contents of dev/c/amigastlport.lha
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[generic]                 2400    4988  48.1% -lh5- dd96 Feb 22  2001 amiga_stlport.readme
[generic]                 1568    3873  40.5% -lh5- 9189 Feb 16  2001 stlport/config/stlcomp.h
[generic]                 1757    4880  36.0% -lh5- 631a Feb 19  2001 stlport/config/stl_stormgcc.h
[generic]                 1269    3703  34.3% -lh5- 0b7b Feb 19  2001 stlport/stdexcept
[generic]                 2145    5885  36.4% -lh5- 52a3 Feb 19  2001 stlport/stl/_site_config.h
[generic]                 3532    8711  40.5% -lh5- 3631 Feb 19  2001 stlport/stl_user_config.h
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total         6 files   12671   32040  39.5%            Mar  6  2001

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