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Short:NewsCoaster Full Version (v1.61) (MUI)
Author:Pavel Fedin (sonic_amiga at
Uploader:Pavel Fedin (sonic_amiga rambler ru)
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NewsCoaster is an open source MUI-based newsreader, for both online and offline
reading. The source code is available in newscoastersrc.lha , or visit our CVS
repository for the latest version, at:

NewsCoaster homepage (contains the documentation in HTML form): 

Mailing list to hear about announcements of new releases etc:

Mark Harman's (original author's) personal homepage at

Bug reports can be posted into bug tracker at SourceForge project page.

New for version 1.61:
UPDATED: New AREXX command "MESSAGEFETCH" added [Mark]
UPDATED: Updated copyright information [Pavel]
UPDATED: Removed the rest of registration stuff [Pavel]
FIXED:   Improved localisation [Pavel]
ADDED:   New ARexx command MESSAGEFETCH. [Mark]
FIXED:   Enforcer hits for some ARexx commands if no message was active. [Mark]

New for version 1.60:
FIXED:   "Select newsgroup" window was broken in v1.59 [Pavel]
UPDATED: Updated spanish language catalog by Javier De Las Rivas [Pavel]
FIXED:   Some attachments still were not recognised [Stephen]

New for version 1.59:
FIXED:   Sometimes uuencoded attachments were not recognised (original fix by
         Stephen Burgoyne Coulson <scoulson at>) [Pavel]
UPDATED: Updated spanish language catalog by Javier de las Rivas [Pavel]
FIXED:   Special folder names (".incoming", ".outgoing", ".deleted" and
         "poster" in group selection window (when copying/moving messages) and
         when adding groups to send a message were not localized. [Pavel]
FIXED:   Special folder names in a help bubble in a groups list in main window
         and in screen title were not localised. [Pavel]
UPDATED: Improved "Return" key handling in user login window. Pressing "Return"
         in login gadget now moves cursor to password gadget instead of
         accepting username and password. [Pavel]
FIXED:   Enforcer hit when doubleclicking on a message in the search results
         listing, if the currently displayed folder was empty. [Mark]
FIXED:   Don't complain about being unable to determine attachment MIME type
         when editing a message. [Mark]
FIXED:   Another case of a system requester being used instead of MUI's one.
FIXED:   Message View windows should close if the message is deleted from the
         deleted folder, or 'permanently deleted' (as currently happens when a
         message is moved to another folder). [Mark]
FIXED:   If a message was deleted from the deleted folder using the View
         window, when the deleted folder wasn't the currently displayed folder,
         then it would no longer be possible to change/select folders. [Mark]
UPDATED: Allow the user to specify any MIME Type for attachments. [Mark]
UPDATED: Added some more extensions for automatically recognising MIME Types
         from extensions. [Mark]

New for version 1.58:
UPDATED: Added Bulk_Decoder.rexx script by Jules and spanish language catalog
         by Javier de las Rivas to a distribution archive. [Pavel]
FIXED:   Signature cycle gadget in write window was not localized. [Pavel]
FIXED:   A system requester was used instead of MUI's one for displaying some
         error messages (like 'Clipboard is empty') in read and write modes.
FIXED:   Enforcer hit when parsing some multipart messages (related to
         incorrectly parsing the charset). [Mark]
FIXED:   Don't complain about message being entirely quoted text when it
         isn't. [Mark]
FIXED:   Didn't decode uuencoded messages correctly if the "end" line
         followed the data without a preceding "`" line. [Mark]
UPDATED: Autodecode uuencoded sections of a multipart message when
         displaying it inline (this also fixes the bug where the uuencoded
	 section got added twice to the attachments list). [Mark]
UPDATED: Recognise "x-uue" as meaning a uuencoded attachment. [Mark]
FIXED:   Enforcer hit when downloading messages, if unable to connect to a
         newsserver. [Mark]
FIXED:   If 'Update Index' was called on the 'outgoing' folder, queued
         messages wouldn't be sent until you edited those messages. [Mark]
UPDATED: When calling 'Update Index', be more careful about which files are
         valid NewsCoaster news files (it now additionally checks that the
         file is the form 'news_x' where 'x' is a number, rather than just
         requiring it to start 'news_'. [Mark]

New for version 1.57 (by Pavel Fedin):
UPDATED: Added language catalogs support. Russian catalog is written.
UPDATED: Removed no more needed ARexx scripts for AmigaPL character set
         conversion from the installation package
FIXED:   NNTP server port number could contain only 3 digits, so ports greater
         than 999 (some private servers, for example) could not be used.
FIXED:   In v1.56 russian character set had a wrong name ("koi-8r" instead of
FIXED:   Pasting text into editor field when writing/editing/replying a
         message was slow.

New for version 1.56 (by Pavel Fedin):
UPDATED: Added charsets support. Currently default charset for reading and
         writing is the same, i see no real sense to have them different. But
         this is easy to implement now, so this can be done on request. Note
         that charset selection gadget in program settings window is changed
         completely. Also conversion table format is changed to make handling
         them easier. Old AmigaPL charset is converted to a new form, and its
         name changed to iso-8859-2, but it is not tested.
UPDATED: Reorganized message view window: attachments list now resides to the
         right from headers, like in Microdot-II. Also two buttons for viewing
         and saving attachments are added.

New for version 1.55: (18.1.2003)
UPDATED: Warn against editing messages that have already been sent.
UPDATED: FETCHNEWSBYPOS ARexx command removed (not that it was ever documented!)
UPDATED: Warn against sending messages with no message body, or only quoted
FIXED:   Enforcer hits when viewing, composing or editing a message
         hits to be precise, since I can't run Enforcer on WinUAE;)
FIXED:   'Fetch news for this Group' option didn't recognise download a group
for the
         first time, if group list was in tree view mode.
FIXED:   Don't allow 'newline' characters to be saved into message headers when
         a message (eg, Subject).
FIXED:   'Forcing' a quit shouldn't show requesters for unsaved messages; now
they are
         automatically saved.
FIXED:   Slow performance when drag selecting messages.

New for version 1.54: (17.10.2002)
- Much faster downloading of headers in online mode. Note that to take advantage
  this, any killfile entries for a particular newsgroup should only kill on the
  headers: Subject, From, Date, Message-ID and References; if this is not the
  then the old (slower) method will be used for that group. Also, your
newsserver must
  support the 'XOVER' command - otherwise, it should revert back to the slow
- Handle ISO Encoding (Quoted-Printable and Base64) in message headers (for
  header text displayed in the message lists, this will only take effect for
  messages downloaded from now on).
- If subscribing to a group from the Group Manager window, set the server for
the group
  to that of the group list which was being viewed.
- Reduce occasions where NewsCoaster needs to switch the currently displayed
- Offer Save/Discard/Cancel choice if messages are being editing when quitting,
  than just Save/Discard.
- "Join Messages" option made much faster.
- When joining a message, it will be placed in the currently displayed group.
- Improvements to Delete Duplicates option.
- Automatically increase stack size if too small on startup (currently sets it
  200000 bytes).
- Skip 'online' headers (ie, messages with no body downloaded) when archiving a
- Make 'popup help bubble' for groups list state which newsserver is being used
  each group.
- Bug fix; enforcer hit upon startup
- Bug fix; possible crash when downloading, if Groups list was in 'Tree' mode.
- Bug fix; crash if you did 'Change Date to Current' that was on a message being
  displayed in a search results listing, and then went to read the message by
  doubleclicking in the search list.
- Bug fix; if permanently deleting all messages (either in a group, or all
  any of those messages being viewed weren't closed, and any in the list of
  results weren't removed from the list.
- Bug fix; better handling of online connections when reading messages from
  newsservers (was still trying to fetch the body from the wrong server under
- Bug fix; problems when parsing messages with 'empty' headers.
- Bug fix; didn't recognise MIME encoding type x-uuencode in non-text portion of
- Bug fix; not recognising uuencoded file in some cases.
- Bug fix; make Join Messages window cope/update if messages are moved/deleted.
- Bug fix; 'Change Date To Current' option filled in the date in GMT rather than
  local time zone.
- Bug fix; when 'updating index', remember which messages have not had their
  downloaded yet.
- Bug fix; memory leaks.
- Various improvements and fixes for dealing with indices, and messages in

New for version 1.53: (13.7.2)
- New option to allow using multiple newsservers for posting; if you've set up a
  non-default newsserver for a group (under Newsgroups / Advanced Settings), you
  tick 'Post with this server', and then any messages posted to that group will
  posted to the newsserver for that group.
- In threaded view, opening a thread causes the entire thread to expand.
- Clicking on column headings to change sorting now works in threaded mode too.
- Faster threading.
- Download from groups in a more sensible order to avoid repeatedly connecting
to a
- New option to delete all duplicated messages in a group (under Messages /
- Bug fix; in v1.52, messages wouldn't get deleted from the deleted folder
  still be on the hard disk).
- Bug fix; bugs in base64 encoding and decoding.
- Bug fix; in threaded mode, not all messages were getting displayed.
- Bug fix; various other problems related to threaded mode.
- Bug fix; 'Groups Manager' under Program Settings was always displaying groups
for the
  default newsserver.
- Bug fix; if you switched between two groups on two newsserver in online mode,
  would fetch from the wrong newsserver.
- Bug fix; was leaving a space at end of lines when quoting messages.

New for version 1.52: (8.6.2)
- Cope with yenc v1.3 attachments.
- Option to always check for duplicates when downloading (some newsservers seem
  have duplicate messages in their lists; this option means slower downloading,
  guaruntees no duplicates).
- Increased width storage of 'subject' (in messages list, etc).
- Remove dependance on 'default.index' file.
- Bug fix; some uuencoded attachments were no longer getting spotted.
- Bug fix; sometimes checking for duplicate messages unnecessarily.

New for version 1.51: (17.4.2)
- Bodies for messages are downloaded when you select 'Join Messages', if not
- Ignore directory information in filename for the default filename when saving
- Don't put in a sigbreak ('-- ') when the user doesn't have a signature, when
- Bug fix; crash or message corruption when either writing a message either when
  Outgoing folder was displayed, or the message was a followup/reply/edit of a
  already in Outgoing!
- Bug fix; if editing a message that had a text/plain or text/html attachment,
  it wouldn't get put in the Attachments list, and instead you just got the
  base64 text in the main edit window.

New for version 1.50: (16.3.2)
- New 'Join Messages' option (under 'Messages' menu) which joins the selected
  together - can be used for multiple-message binaries.
- Support for yencoded attachments (see ) (CRC checking
isn't done
  yet, and multipart messages is rather basic atm).
- New Killfile options - can choose to match on messages that don't contain the
  in a header; can choose to mark as Important instead of deleting the message.
- New 'Kill' options to set up a killfile for messages from a particular server
  (based on the Message-ID), and from the NNTP-Posting-Host.
- Newsgroup folders will have their AmigaDOS comment set to what you enter the
  description field as.
- Option to Quit without being asked for confimation.
- Icons supplied for the toolbar (in newscoaster_b.lha only - thanks to Jules
for the
  currently supplied set; more will be supplied in future versions, meanwhile
visit to find some more).
- Bug fix; problems when the message 'View' window is viewing messages from a
  different to the currently selected one (messages weren't getting marked as

See the documentation for a complete history.

Newscoaster development team.

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[generic]                  391     512  76.4% -lh5- c690 May 10  2003 NewsCoaster/charsets/iso-8859-2.charset
[generic]                  432     512  84.4% -lh5- 6a86 May  8  2003 NewsCoaster/charsets/koi8-r.charset
[generic]                  584    1283  45.5% -lh5- 94da Jan 18  2003 NewsCoaster/gotoURL.rx
[generic]                  218     332  65.7% -lh5- a5e3 Jan 18  2003 NewsCoaster/icons/icons.readme
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[generic]                  817    1164  70.2% -lh5- ba37 Jan 18  2003 NewsCoaster/icons/
[generic]                 1765    7322  24.1% -lh5- 455a Jul 17  2003 NewsCoaster/install_newscoaster
[generic]                  831    1362  61.0% -lh5- 5d9f May 10  2003 NewsCoaster/
[generic]                10565   21068  50.1% -lh5- 54b9 Jan 18  2003 NewsCoaster/MUI/BetterString.mcc
[generic]                 3307    6804  48.6% -lh5- 0bd6 Jan 18  2003 NewsCoaster/MUI/BetterString.mcp
[generic]                 2648    5380  49.2% -lh5- bf48 Jan 18  2003 NewsCoaster/MUI/InfoText.mcc
[generic]                 2313    4584  50.5% -lh5- dd77 Jan 18  2003 NewsCoaster/MUI/NFloattext.mcc
[generic]                76730  148980  51.5% -lh5- fca7 Jan 18  2003 NewsCoaster/MUI/NList.mcc
[generic]                19798   41324  47.9% -lh5- efb3 Jan 18  2003 NewsCoaster/MUI/NListtree.mcc
[generic]                 7770   17892  43.4% -lh5- a7ee Jan 18  2003 NewsCoaster/MUI/NListtree.mcp
[generic]                 3520    7488  47.0% -lh5- f56a Jan 18  2003 NewsCoaster/MUI/NListview.mcc
[generic]                11957   32220  37.1% -lh5- 86e6 Jan 18  2003 NewsCoaster/MUI/NListviews.mcp
[generic]                35384   73524  48.1% -lh5- f76b Jan 18  2003 NewsCoaster/MUI/TextEditor.mcc
[generic]                14054   32584  43.1% -lh5- 0687 Jan 18  2003 NewsCoaster/MUI/TextEditor.mcp
[generic]                10666   22596  47.2% -lh5- d019 Jan 18  2003 NewsCoaster/MUI/Toolbar.mcc
[generic]                 3843    8248  46.6% -lh5- 1eeb Jan 18  2003 NewsCoaster/MUI/Toolbar.mcp
[generic]               173967  482816  36.0% -lh5- 6730 Nov  5  2003 NewsCoaster/NewsCoaster
[generic]                52549  146076  36.0% -lh5- f854 Nov  5  2003 NewsCoaster/
[generic]                  919    1192  77.1% -lh5- 26f6 May 10  2003 NewsCoaster/
[generic]                 1187    1652  71.9% -lh5- c0c2 May 10  2003 NewsCoaster/
[generic]                 5230   13453  38.9% -lh5- 1bbd Nov  5  2003 NewsCoaster/NewsCoaster.readme
[generic]                  851     956  89.0% -lh5- ee3d May 10  2003 NewsCoaster/
[generic]                 1339    2657  50.4% -lh5- 8873 Jul 28  2003 NewsCoaster/Rexx/Bulk_decoder.rexx
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