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Short:Integrated standalone mailer and newsreader
Author:Oliver Wagner
Uploader:chris unsatisfactorysoftware co uk (Chris Young)
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 3.0.0
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MicroDot II 1.4

MicroDot II is an integrated standalone mailer and newsreader written by
Oliver Wagner <owagner at>.  It is a part of the VaporWare suite
of Internet applications.  For more information on MicroDot II or any other
VaporWare products, please see our website -

Please use the included Installer script to install MicroDot II, the
required libraries and MUI custom classes.

MicroDot II Mailing list

There is a support mailing list dedicated to discuss MD-2
related issues. To subscribe, mail to

 <md-2-request at>

and put "SUBSCRIBE" in the subject or body of the mail.

Bug tracking

There's now an automated bug tracking system located at

To submit a bug report, simply mail it to

 <md2-bugs at>

You will receive a receipt and a tracking ID, which allows
you to track your bug report stats in the bug database.

What's new in Release 1.4?

· now integrated with CManager.MCC

· automatic online detection for Miami and Genesis

· improved POP3 compatibility

· improved printing

· URL parser now handles mailto: URLs internally

· many many bugfixes, including a Y2k-issue
  with Date: parsing

What's new in Release 1.3?

· Heavily improved protection against mail losses in
  case of system crashes 

· Improved URL detection in vapor_toolkit

· Network settings now allow using services not running
  on their standard ports

· UIDL.history is now only used when required

What's new in Release 1.2?

· POP3 download manager. Get an overview of the mail in your
pop3 box and decide individually whether to download, delete
or ignore it

· various SMTP issues fixed

Core features

· mail and news fully integrated

· full MIME support. Backward compatibility with
  uuencoded data in both reading and sending
  messages. Direct processing of MIME data
  according to MIMEPrefs settings

· transparent PGP support with AmigaPGP 2.x.x and 5.x.x

· integrated reader with automatic URL and E-Mail
  address detection. Click on URLs to view them
  in your favorite browser, or click on E-Mail
  addresses to quickly send a mail from within MD-2

· versatile ARexx port

· fully configurable buttons / keyboard shortcuts
  utilizing ARexx commands

· versatile filtering system to process incoming and
  outgoing messages

· fully threaded display, even for mail folders.
  Allows you to handle mailing lists like newsgroups.

· supports multiple independant accounts for mail & news

· utilizes the latest protocol definitions (ESMTP,
  with fallbacks for oudated server software

· supports X-Face to send small photos, logos or other
  pictures with your messages

· supports Contact Manager, when installed

· Works with Genesis, Miami, AmiTCP and as225/inet225, no additional 

What's missing?

There is still a lot of stuff planned for the next releases.
On the ToDo list are, for example,

· getting mail from several POP3 mailboxes into a single

· Catalog translations. No translations have been done so far
due to the many GUI changes which are still going on

· ARexx extensions

· proper API to access the database on a low level

· a ZConnect/UUCP network module

· inline viewing of image attachments


Full changes history since early alpha versions
(changes before Version 0.198alpha have been removed)

- now properly prefixes signatures with "-- \n"  instead of "--\n"
- major crash when the level of thread indentation was "too high";
  it now "wraps" the tree when the thread nests too often
- fixed a rather nasty hits orgy/crash when trying to send mails
  without having a newsgroup in the group list
- fixed a bug with retrieving the group list -- when the server
  was too lame to understand "LIST NEWSGROUPS", a spurious error
  message showed up. Also, newsgroups not listed by those comments
  weren't shown at all, instead of simply having no description.

- SMTP send will now silently convert 8bit text to quoted printable
  when the receiving SMTP demon is too lame to understand ESMTP
  8BITMIME bodies. You wouldn't expect this in 1997, really.
- added new Rexx command "ExtractSelectedMsgs FILE,PARTS,APPEND/S"
  to extract currently selected messages into a file. File defaults
  to the username part of the From:, PARTS is either "0"
  for the whole message (default) or a part number.

- ExtractSelectedMsgs PARTS is now a /Keyword, to avoid messup
  with missing filenames
- ExtractSelectedMsgs will now always call upon the standard
  save parts filerequester, unless NOREQ switch is given.
- fixed SMTP send crash
- fixed outgoing quoted-printable encoding
- fixed MIME header encoding

- will now support NList.mcc if installed (V19+)
- fixed aborting of search
- fixed fuzzy index searching
- fixed ExtractSelectedMsgs abort
- ExtractSelectedMsgs now also works in the message
- fixed flags for arexx message call so that internal
  button command syntax is similar to "rx"
- added new menu item, arexx command "DownloadSelected"
  to download all selected messages and store them in
  the database. Only works in the message list.

- now generates X-Priority: and Precedence: headers
  from the "Priority" cycle in the new message window
- now parses X-Priority: header for incoming mails
  (meeting the Eudora "standard")
- now shows the message Priority in the message overview
  in a new column
- sort order in msglist is now visualized with arrows
  in the directional buttons
- it's now possible to dragselect entries in the group
  and message lists
- news-on-demand download window now opens again when
  fetching article takes longer than 2 seconds
- fixed prefs window page listview
- network get now saves all the messages indexes more
  often to prevent index loss due to system crashes

- fixed prefs window
- fixed command calling (again)
- calling MIMEPrefs from the menu now works
- now properly supports MIMEPrefs based viewing

- fixed opening of fonts
- groupmanager window now supports multiselect
- added UseOldStyleLists tooltype/shell arg
  to disable usage of nlist.mcc
- will now DELE mail on the server if it's
  already there locally
- added new ultra hyper cool mail filtering system
  (see Prefs/Message filters). Old filters will no
  longer be used, but are silently converted
  to new filters on first start. Note:
  Execute and Forward To are currently dysfunctional,
  and the filters are only applied to mail ATM.
  (bah, so much work for 6 lines of history
- fixed mouse drag select not properly activating
  "multi select" mode for further operations

- actually, "Contains" behaved like "Is". Lame

- fixed creating of new groups (bogus default
- now permits blanks in group names
- fixed font opening in group list
- main lists now have a 1/1 pixel frame for a less
  cramped look

- fixed background filling in grouplist/msglist,
  and column button widths in msglist
- it's now possible to mark and copy text to
  clipboard in the reader window

- added auto-mail polling (currently fixed to 
  5 minutes)
- it's now possible to rename existant
  newsgroups and mail folders
- fixed lame bug in forward-without-edit: the first
  textual part of the message wasn't properly dumped;
  instead of the body, the header was dumped a
  second time.

- delete flag now has a red led in the message
  reader flags line
- now calls MimePrefs with proper PUBSCREEN argument
- now uses improved high speed textlen/textfit routines
  for much faster reader text layout
- renaming of a mail group now properly renames all
  filter action destinations pointing at that
- now shows a note requester when old-style per group
  filters have been autoconverted into new style filters
- grouplist and msglist now have a 1 pixel line leading
  for a less cramped and classactish look
- fixed various minor miscalculations in the msglist layout

- fixed mime type matching
- fixed missing mime prefs requester to no longer demand
  MIMEPrefs being installed in AmIRC's directory
- fixed "Filters converted" warning requester
- now utilizes MIME prefs to assign a mime type
  to autoconverted uuencoded stuff by the filename
- no longer tries to send 8BITMIME to ESMTP servers
  which don't announce 8BITMIME capability on initial
- no longer marks message as sent when SMTP/NNTP
  failed for some reason
- fixed enforcer hits when clicking into blank space
  in the group list

- fixed mark as sent which was broken in 0.211

- fixed transparent connection reestablishment for 
  "read-on-demand" mode when the server connection
  has timed out for some reason
- auto mail poll will now check for the existance
  of (bsd)socket.library and silently skip the 
  poll if the lib isn't found. Fixes annoying "Need
  a TCP/IP stack, sucker!" requester when stack
  is offline.
- hopefully once and for all fixed the rexx command
- will now send a inform line to active AmIRC's
  if new mail arrives
- reader: parts listview no longer becomes the window
  default object when clicked, thus doesn't effectivly
  disable the keyboard navigation anymore
- serious bug: on a first time installation or when
  changing the data directory, MD would fail to create
  the data directory when it had a trailing slash,
  thus effectivly nuking the database and all mails
  sorted into it. As "PROGDIR:Data/" is the internal
  preset, this happened on all first time installations.

- fixed count in pop gauge for leave mail on server mode
- fixed sending of just every other news/mail on send
- "Move To" window no longer has a bogus scroller when
  using NList.mcc

- filter settings: reworked filter list layout
- filter settings: fixed object disabling problems
- general: now saves last used dir to ENV(ARC):Vapor/MD2_LASTUSEDDIR
- grouplist/msglist: when dragging the mouse below any actual
  entry and releasing it, drag state wasn't cleared
- menu: changed "Settings" menu layout to group account specific 
  and non-account-specific prefs properly
- pop3: will now delete mails which are "retrieved" already
  as by their UIDL in "delete mail on server" mode

- nntp: added NNTP authentication support (USER/PASS)

- gui: removed excess "s" from reader window titles :)
- init: added new shell args To/M,Subject/K,Contents/K to start
  MD-2 in "mail write mode"
- init: added new shell args MessageID/K,GroupName/K to start
  MD-2 in "news read mode"
- gui: fixed a offset problem in the reader window text marking
  which caused the first char to be always unmarked
- nntp: NNTP authentication is now also performed when
  posting an article <blush>
- pop3: fixed a funny problem with MD-2 reporting the numeric
  part of an username (if any) as the number of queued messages,
  instead of the real number.

- prefs: no longer prepends autoconverted "old style" filters
  with "Autoconv_"
- gui: did various layout cleanups
- gui: "Send" and "Store" in the new mail window now work
  as expected; "Send" will immediately call upon the SMTP
  send module, whereas "Store" will only queue the message.
  Also invented a new mail flag which is only available
  in the SPOOL group named "Hold"

- cmd: fixed a load of problems with the ExtractSelectedMsgs

- general: multiple accounts now work (gee, so few words
  for such a huge change :)
- prefs: did general prefs cleanup to accomodate multiple accounts
- net: now properly supports the Genesis IsOnline() API and will
  skip network operations when no interface is up. The "Send"
  button in new messages now also turns to "Queue" when IsOnline()
  says FALSE.
- gui: new message window now has a "Face?" checkbox to include
  the selected X-Face:

- net: fixed a serious bug in the x-face generation. Note:
  In order to fix this bug, you absolutely MUST reload the
  x-face images in accounts prefs! Also, delete any stale
  message with X-Faces in »SPOOL, otherwise send will not
- net: check for IsOnline() during SMTP/POP was too late
  and would leave a stale window open if offline was
- gui: will now start out with the current Genesis user
  account (can be turned off in accounts prefs)
- prefs: when there are settings missing in an account and you 
  want to get mail for this account, MD pops up the wrong prefs 
  window (should be accounts prefs, not general)
- prefs: group editor was hosed for accounts != 0
- net: outgoing mail messages now have the message-id changed
  from the internally stored, thus they are downloaded again

- net: now changes the "global" Genesis user account when
  switching between accounts within MD-2
- net: when switching an account and failing to login, the
  wrong username would be displayed in the poplist gadget
- db: fixed the bug that cleanup database in one account
  would kill all messages in other accounts. Also rewrote
  db cleanup to use much less memory than before.
- gui: fixed flag setting bug (Forward/Replied)
- gui: fixed account popup sizing problems

- db: serious bug: when switching accounts, possibly pending
  index files were not written to disk properly and thus
  got lost


- gui: now buttons will clip their text if they are not wide
  enough. Should fix MD-2 not opening or even crashing on
  systems which don't have a narrow proportional font installed
  for some obscure reason (e.g. helvetica/9)
- gui: now button shorthelp no longer includes "_" in label names
- gui: now disables account select button during network
- gui: fixed problems with language names in signature prefs
- gui: fixed "Marking used messages" gauge progress (it was
  counting individual messages, not groups, although max
  was set to the group count). Also much faster now.
- net: NNTP module didn't accept a "201 no posting" response
  from NNTP servers
- prefs: serious bug in prefs ID handling caused the filters
  for the second and following accounts to be the same as the
  ones for the first account, missing accountname entries.

- prefs: filter window still had the wrong title
- gui: account switching is now disabled during every
  operation which affects the current account (e.g.
  prefs changes)
- gui: fixed longstanding bug: when multiselecting messages
  or groups and performing an operation which caused 
  deselection, internal "select mode" flag wasn't cleared

0.227 - 0.236 
[left out due rev screwup]

- prefs: when writing back filter settings after changing
  filter prefs, all filters even from other accounts got

- net: now deals with genesis.library being installed, but
  a different TCP/IP stack actually running
- newmsg: won't puke due to lack of Data dir anymore

- net: added special handling of case of a server not
  responding at all, probably due to tcpd locking or stuff

- newmsg: removed a stale Delay( 100 ); in handling sending
  private mails. WTF was *this* from?
- newmsg: now own mails are properly feed through all filters
  as well
- groupmanager: now keeps individual group lists for every
- rexx: ReplySelectedMsgs now has an optional parameter "All"
  to include previous Cc: recipiants in the new message.
  Also added new menu item for that.

- reader: fixed xface colors and display on chunky screens
- net: transfer info window now has From/To/Subject info lines

- net: transfer info window From/To/Subject info lines
  now also works for pop3 fetch
- db: »TRASH now works and receives all deleted messages
- gui: new message counters for »SPOOL counters now
  reflect the number of unsent messages
- search: replying etc. from searched messages should now
  work as expected

- db: »TRASH handling didn't work under certain cirumstances
- gui: updated about.txt (still largely inaccurate)
- gui: added menu shortcut for select-all/deselect-all
- gui: added new menu item "Empty trash"
- rexx: added EmptyTrash and CompressDB ARexx command

- prefs: will now offer resetting of NNTP article counters
  when the nntp server name was modified.
- net: the "Execute" filter action now works. A path to the
  message is passed as an argument to the called function.

- gui: fixed "Empty trash"
- gui: fixed a few problems with the "marked" state of
  groups/messages not being properly tracked. Hm, I thought
  I fixed this before?

- db: after saving indexes, MD-2 wasn't resetting the
  "changed" flag, thus causing excessive saving of
  indexes even if not necessary. Crap, and a waste of time.
  This was basically the reason for MD-2 seemingly
  taking ages to send a single mail <ahem>
- db: increased maximum write buffer sizes for writing
  indexes, to speed up saving a bit more

- GUI: added "Copy self?" gadget to new message window
  to disable cloning of messages to the PRIV folder
  or other groups. State is saved when window is closed.
- db: fixed a funny bug which would cause the DEL
  flag to be lost when message indexes were saved
  during reading a group (i.e. due to a new message
- GUI: account selector now is a cycle gadget again
- prefs: added experimental "deleted account" flag.
  Will hide account in the main selector (more cleanup
  work to be done later)

- PGP: Began adding PGP support. Should autodetect
  PGP 2.x.x and PGP 5.x and set prefs accordingly,
  on first start.
- PGP: Added "Extract PGP Keys..." menu item,
  and "PGPExtractKeysSelected" rexx command to
  extract PGP keys from selected messages in
  one go.

- PGP: fixed pgp5 default for "view message"
  (was pgpk instead of pgpv)
- PGP: added new "%p" placeholder to PGP calls.
  If existant, MD2 will ask user for passphrase
  and pass it down to PGP. Options for
  remembering passphrase throughout the session or
  even save it to prefs.
- PGP: implemented PGP View (only accessible from
  within the reader). Will show PGP/MIME messages
  or plain text within the reader, or automatically
  offer save file when it's a binary file.

- Prefs/PGP: added "Set PGP2.x defaults" and
  "Set PGP5.x defaults" buttons for
  people who screwed up their config :)

- GUI: moved PGP stuff to it's own menu
- PGP: added "forget passphrase" menu
- PGP: improved "View" error handling
- PGP: fixed viewing of simple non PGP/MIME
- PGP: will now pickup ENV:PGPPASS if set
- PGP: implemented PGP encryption and
- Prefs: added PGP-UserID per account.
  Doesn't have to be set, will fallback to
  using the own e-mail-address as UserID
  in that case.
- Sendwin: changed attachment handling button
  weight to give more space to MIME type

- PGP: fixed creation of simple text
  encrypted messages (missing blank line)
- GUI: fixed problem with duplicates in TRASH
- GUI: fixed problem with archived and deleted
  messages being moved to TRASH all the time
- GUI: fixed some menu activation quirks

- PGP: fixed passing of passphrases with spaces
- PGP: fixed passing of userids with spaces

- PGP: will now reset SIGBREAKF_CTRL_C after
  running the PGP binary, so that attempts to
  break the called PGP will not actually
  break MicroDot

- General: now using vapor_toolkit.library

- GUI: updated about window with logo et.all.
- General: now uses new cryptographic keyfiles

- NET: now calculates the number of pending messages
  from the UIDL result. Should fix problems when
  server's don't +OK with the number of mails
  after PASS/APOP
- GUI: will now warn when trying to quit with
  open new message windows
- NET: fixed a buffer overflow in header
  handling which could cause crashes under certain
- General: fixed two crashes on "early" quit
  i.e. due to wrong vapor_toolkit.library
- GUI: msg list info header wasn't updated correctly
  on some operations

- GUI: fixed shortcut activation when being in
  select by pattern mode
- GUI: pressing return while in the pattern string
  now directly activates "Select" function
- GUI: now hiding (inactive) help buttons
- DB: messages in »SPOOL now carry the name
  of the receiver instead of the sender (which would
  always be the current user anyway)
- DB: duplication of messages in TRASH could still happen
- GUI: improved nagging dialog

- DB: fixed delete handling, again. Hopefully correct
  now :)
- General: fixed a memory leak in the folder list window
- GUI: group list now has column headers as well
- GUI: MoveTo now also allows selecting the main »PRIV
- GUI: fixed resetting of marked areas when entering
  a group
- GUI: fixed forwarding window for messages with
  excessivly large To: (or other) headers
- DB: saving of parts wouldn't overwrite even if instructed
  to do so
- DB: the last part of a multipart message could have it's
  bodysize miscalculated, leading to the MIME delimiter
  line being considered part of the message part

- GUI: group popup list was created with a Newlist object
  as parent and thus didn't work
- GUI: nagging window could appear twice during quit
- GUI: "Forward without editing" wouldn't trigger
  an SMTP send session
- GUI: removed Edit/Copy menu item (obsolete)
- GUI: fixed menu activation
- GUI: url links now have a popup menu offering
  "Open link", "Copy to clipboard" and "Add to CM"
- GUI: fixed potential rendering problems in the
  url link class
- GUI: fixed font rendering problem in the text
  engine which could cause the topmost font
  line to not be rendered properly when scrolling

- GUI: added "Show Newsgroup's FAQ" menu item
  and button to group selector to start a browser
  with the group's FAQ archive on
- General: string table got messed up in the
  0.260 compile

- SMTP: when server replied 250 OK to EHLO,
  but didn't offer 8BITMIME, MD2 would issue
  a plain HELO again, confusing some servers
  (happened with Netscape Mail server)
- GUI: fixed Edit menu activation
- DB: "Search Database" would always search in
  »PRIV even when it wasn't selected/active

1.1 (Release)
- General: raised internal stack size, as
  it appeared that 32k wasn't sufficient
- Dist: added Installer script
- Dist: added button and iconify Icons
- Dist: added MicroDot.Guide by Eike Lang
- Dist: added Installer script by
  Robert Reiswig

- Netconnect version: Fixed login verification on
  account change
- NNTP: synchronous (online) reader wouldn't recover
  from a ARTICLE not found error properly,
  and repeatly issue that error
- GUI: Grouplist/Msglist object could do an illegal
  RectFill() under certain circumstances, thus nuking
  heavily on AGA
- GUI: fixed a funny layout quirk in single window
  mode which could effectivly cause MD2 to layout
  objects with negative X positions, causing
  general havoc
- DB: To/Cc/Bcc popup lists would leave a stale
  file in T: around

- SMTP: the EHLO/8BITMIME fix from 0.262 was
  broken and would use 8BITMIME only if the
  server did NOT announce this capability. Argh.
- GUI: added "Mail download manager", which
  gets an POP3 overview, shows mails in a list
  and allows to individually get/ignore/delete

- SMTP: would not escape leading dots properly
  under all circumstances

- GUI: x-face display wasn't centered properly
  by not taking inner spacing into account.
- GUI: x-face is now displayed on the right margin
  of the reader window, not eating up that much
  display space
- GUI: fixed group button madly overwriting
  window borders under certain circumstances
- GUI: fixed mutex bits in the "single window mode"
  menu items
- Reader: now uses vapor_toolkit to scan
  for URLs. Should better catch mail addresses
- GUI: download manager now has a seperate window
- GUI: added select all/none buttons to
  download manager

- GUI: fixed download manager close gadget not
- added updated vapor_toolkit.library to release
- added new Textinput revision to release archive
- added updated Installer script to release archive

- DB: corrupt index files could crash the
  database cleanup due to a buffer overflow

- Net: added "Esoteric" page to network settings,
  allowing users to change the ports used for
  SMTP, POP3 and NNTP connects.
- DB: when fetching messages and an index wasn't
  loaded into memory, MD-2 wouldn't close the
  buffered index file, thus potentially losing data
  when the system crashed while downloading.
- Net: will now save overall transient data structures
  after doing a network fetch (to avoid message
  number mismatchs when crashing -- although this
  was not really a problem, because the numbers in
  the group index are recovered when entering
  a group)

- Net: Status window will now show the "login"
  message of the relevant service which was contacted
- Net: Download manager will now issue a pop3 LIST
  command to get the size of the messages in question
  when necessary (aka, size wasn't returned with the TOP)
- Net: Modified handling of UIDL history. Now UIDL.history
  is only written when "DELETE MAIL ON SERVER" is turned
  off (makes no sense otherwise), and the new UIDLs are only
  written until after the complete message fetch is done
  (to avoid MD-2 skipping messages during the next fetch
  which were lost due to a system crash)
- GUI: Message reader now uses Textinput "NoInput" objects
  for the info lines, thus allowing copy&paste

- Net: fixed obscure behavior when a news server
  would do a "NEXT" properly, but then bail out on
  the following "ARTICLE" with some internal error.
  In that case, MD-2 would abort the news fetch and
  store an invalid article pointer, thus refetching
  the group from scratch next time.
- GUI: "Default address" in group prefs is now
  only available for mail sub groups

- added updated vapor_toolkit.library to release
- added updated vapor_registration.library to release
- added new Textinput revision to release archive

- Print: printing now issues an ESCc (Hard Reset) command,
  to make printer.device issue proper initialization
  requests (esspecially for network printing)
- GUI: fixed a few typos

- GUI: fixed a NULL object reference in group list
  makeview (would happen if checking/sending mail
  while inside a group)
- Net: will now only store NNTP article counters
  after a successfull fetch. Should fix problems
  with nntp servers which return a valid number
  on NEXT, but puke on the ARTICLE

- Net: fixed excess refreshing of network info
  window during NNTP fetch
- GUI: "mailto:" URL parser now understands
  Subject= and Body= "arguments"
- GUI: forward info window should now open even
  with excess To: etc. lines
- Net: forward without editing will now remove
  ALL X- headers (caused problems with X-Loop:
  detection done by some mail bots)

- Net: POP3 now sends an extra LIST before RETR
  to obtain the real message size even with pop3ds
  which don't return the size on RETR (grrr)
- GUI: "Esoteric" prefs changes would only be 
  saved if another prefs item was changed, too.

- Net: NNTP "headers only" mode didn't store
  the NNTP article pointer, thus always
  fetching news groups from scratch. Eeek.

- GUI: newly created accounts had bogus
  values in the "esoteric" page port values
  (this nicely interacted with the broken
  saving fixed in 1.3.4)
- GUI: fake root messages are now removed
  when they don't contain any more childs
- GUI: fake root messages are no longer
  viewed in flat message view
- GUI: newly created fake root messages
  would not be properly sorted by date
- DB: db_loadheader() would nuke for
  a header total size of >16k

- Net: will now ignore "-ERR no messages
  in mailbox" replies to the initial
- Net: NULL ptr reference when converting
  dates with an unknown time zone 

- GUI: "Reply Header" signature button didn't 
  had shorthelp
- GUI: new message window now has TI email style 
  (requires TI 21.0+)
- Prefs: prefs list could be hosed on low memory 
- GUI: clicking on TI mailto: links is now
  handled internally

- GUI: changed "disk size" gauge handling to
  avoid overflows on large partitions (which
  could wreck havoc on AGA due to missized

- Net: now retains complete Reference:
  backlog when following up news articles
- GUI: fixed some catalog entries (KingGuppy)
- GUI: now shows from, to and subject when sending emails (KingGuppy)
- Newmsg: Reply To All now also includes the original
  To: in the Cc: of the reply (Olli)

- Net: now uses VAT_IsOnline() to detect whether a TCP/IP
  stack is online (deals with both Miami and Genesis) (Olli)
- GUI: msg reader would crash with a buffer overflow on
  execessivly large lines with tabs (Olli)

- DB: annoying bug in Message-Id: parsing would render
  a message inaccessible when the message ID had no
  closing ">" angle bracket (Olli)

- GUI: fixed handling of click on TI URLs (Olli)
- GUI: now uses VAT_GetAppScreenName() to get the
  public screen name; should fix problems with
  «Default», «Frontmost» etc. (Olli)
- ARexx: NewMsgWindow has some arguments:
- Net: Fixed pop3/nntp problems with lines >2048 chars
  (Novell Groupwise) (Olli)

- DB: msg parser now recognizes uuencoded parts
  with 4 digit modes (Olli)
- General: fixed a nasty memory trash bug in
  building the thread list which could lead
  to all kind of weird effects (Olli)
- TO arg of NewMsgWindow no longer required (Troels)

- GUI: closed an exploitable security hole in the
  message reader (Entity)

- Net: Fixed generating of References: to insert
  the referenced message's MsgID to the end of the
  Reference:s header, instead of the beginning
- GUI: Now uses CM.mcc thoroughly (Olli)

- GUI: fixed adding of entries in To/Cc/Bcc popups

- GUI: no longer requires to set a NNTP server when
  only mail is to be sent (Olli)
- GUI: fixed URL handling to skip "mailto:" scheme
- General: added MCC version checking (Olli)
- DB: fixed several potential crash problems in
  database cleanup (Olli)
- Prefs: added prefs item whether to query the
  TCP/IP stack for online state (now defaults
  to off due to problems with MiamiDX) (Olli)
- Prefs: made mail checking polling interval
  configurable (Olli)

- Rexx: "NewMsgWin" command now again honours
  the "default address" when being called in
  a folder list window (Olli)

- GUI: Sort by sender only sorted by real name,
  not address (Olli)
- General: now signals CManager.mcc to work
  without keyfile (Olli)

- General: fixed "&" parsing in mailto: URLs (Olli)
- GUI: fixed saving after import of old address
  book (Olli)

1.4 Release
(NC3 CD compile)

- General: fixed a memory leak in prefs preinit (Olli)

- General: reenabled the "Login" requester when
  using Genesis and changing accounts to a
  Genesis user (for NetConnect) (Olli)
- Print: now honours "Significant  header" settings
- Print: now honours wordwrap settings (Olli)
- GUI: Visual and catalog changes to bring MD2 in line
  with other Vapor apps (Beej)

- GUI: clicking on the group win logo now opens
  the about window (Olli)
- GUI: fixed another lame buffer overflow in the
  message reader which would nuke on lines >4k

1.4.4 (1.4 Release)
- Net: Fixed parsing of 2 digit years; years below 40
  are now assumed to be 20xx (Olli)
- Net: now creates 4 digit years in Date: lines (Olli)

Contents of comm/news/md2_14.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ ----------
[generic]                  598    1233  48.5% -lh5- ec02 Mar 21  1999
[generic]                  801    1233  65.0% -lh5- f0f6 Mar 21  1999 MicroDot-II-14/
[generic]                    0       0 ****** -lh0- 0000 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Catalogs/Sorry_Still_Empty
[generic]                  718    1233  58.2% -lh5- 662e Mar 21  1999 MicroDot-II-14/
[generic]                  372     568  65.5% -lh5- c38f Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/addressbook.img
[generic]                  437     632  69.1% -lh5- 1784 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/archive.img
[generic]                  341     558  61.1% -lh5- bd8f Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/attachments.img
[generic]                  462     644  71.7% -lh5- b2d8 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/cancel.img
[generic]                  428     656  65.2% -lh5- 7748 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/catchnews.img
[generic]                  553     698  79.2% -lh5- 00d0 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/checkmail.img
[generic]                  563     694  81.1% -lh5- 6462 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/checknews.img
[generic]                  345     602  57.3% -lh5- d931 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/copy.img
[generic]                  438     610  71.8% -lh5- 5a59 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/cut.img
[generic]                  470     616  76.3% -lh5- f3cd Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/del.img
[generic]                  527     686  76.8% -lh5- 8456 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/editgroup.img
[generic]                  504    2339  21.5% -lh5- dae5 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/
[generic]                  461     672  68.6% -lh5- 8a05 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/followup.img
[generic]                  416     628  66.2% -lh5- e326 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/forward.img
[generic]                  543     684  79.4% -lh5- 7b0a Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/groupman.img
[generic]                  374     642  58.3% -lh5- e08d Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/left.img
[generic]                  381     572  66.6% -lh5- eb6d Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/move.img
[generic]                  519     646  80.3% -lh5- 108d Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/mt_bin.img
[generic]                  350     588  59.5% -lh5- f495 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/mt_image.img
[generic]                  370     606  61.1% -lh5- ae54 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/mt_message.img
[generic]                  402     618  65.0% -lh5- e252 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/mt_multipart.img
[generic]                  438     634  69.1% -lh5- 5133 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/mt_sound.img
[generic]                  474     626  75.7% -lh5- dfed Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/mt_text.img
[generic]                  334     664  50.3% -lh5- 37da Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/mt_video.img
[generic]                  367     638  57.5% -lh5- 77d1 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/NeedOne.img
[generic]                  556    2339  23.8% -lh5- 6554 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/
[generic]                  547    2339  23.4% -lh5- 5c40 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/
[generic]                  399     620  64.4% -lh5- 1b5e Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/open.img
[generic]                  483     640  75.5% -lh5- eb96 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/opengroup.img
[generic]                  397     608  65.3% -lh5- f782 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/paste.img
[generic]                  362     566  64.0% -lh5- 5b93 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/print.img
[generic]                  327     578  56.6% -lh5- 0d3f Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/quit.img
[generic]                  410     618  66.3% -lh5- 1731 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/read.img
[generic]                  544     686  79.3% -lh5- 7549 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/remgroup.img
[generic]                  431     608  70.9% -lh5- cbcd Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/reply.img
[generic]                  390     634  61.5% -lh5- 074f Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/right.img
[generic]                  417     632  66.0% -lh5- 90a1 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/sendmail.img
[generic]                  443     610  72.6% -lh5- 9fac Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/undelete.img
[generic]                  412     608  67.8% -lh5- 0b7a Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Icons/write.img
[generic]                 7473   30825  24.2% -lh5- 7f1e Dec 26  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Install_MicroDot-II
[generic]                 1039    1895  54.8% -lh5- 46d7 Mar 21  1999 MicroDot-II-14/
[generic]                  815    1233  66.1% -lh5- f853 Mar 21  1999 MicroDot-II-14/
[generic]                38205   79684  47.9% -lh5- c9b7 Dec 26  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Libs/vapor_registration.library
[generic]                17665   30640  57.7% -lh5- 94b4 Dec 26  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Libs/vapor_toolkit.library
[generic]                 7422   13152  56.4% -lh5- 105d Dec 26  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Libs/vapor_update.library
[generic]               191536  191536 100.0% -lh0- 8841 Dec 26  1999 MicroDot-II-14/MicroDot
[generic]                38073  121309  31.4% -lh5- a3ab Dec 26  1999 MicroDot-II-14/
[generic]                 1333    1851  72.0% -lh5- 45fb Mar 21  1999 MicroDot-II-14/
[generic]                 1135    1669  68.0% -lh5- 988a Mar 21  1999 MicroDot-II-14/
[generic]                13156   32600  40.4% -lh5- 4809 Dec 26  1999 MicroDot-II-14/MicroDot.ReadMe
[generic]                  509    1391  36.6% -lh5- c2da Mar 21  1999 MicroDot-II-14/
[generic]                10942   20636  53.0% -lh5- f8b2 Dec 26  1999 MicroDot-II-14/MimePrefs
[generic]                 1309    1667  78.5% -lh5- ce54 Mar 21  1999 MicroDot-II-14/
[generic]                  790    1233  64.1% -lh5- d70c Mar 21  1999 MicroDot-II-14/
[generic]                52930  121620  43.5% -lh5- 9e88 Dec 26  1999 MicroDot-II-14/MUI/CManager.mcc
[generic]                12118   25236  48.0% -lh5- a341 Sep 21  1998 MicroDot-II-14/MUI/Listtree.mcc
[generic]                 4340   10232  42.4% -lh5- 3a32 Sep 21  1998 MicroDot-II-14/MUI/Listtree.mcp
[generic]                 3496    6508  53.7% -lh5- b647 Dec 24  1998 MicroDot-II-14/MUI/Pophotkey.mcc
[generic]                 2820    7280  38.7% -lh5- 3322 Dec 24  1998 MicroDot-II-14/MUI/Popxxx.mcp
[generic]                  531    1083  49.0% -lh5- 4344 Sep 20  1998 MicroDot-II-14/MUI/ReadMe.mui
[generic]                  526    1415  37.2% -lh5- 4b07 Aug  1  1997 MicroDot-II-14/MUI/
[generic]                27894   52100  53.5% -lh5- 6482 Dec 26  1999 MicroDot-II-14/MUI/Textinput.mcc
[generic]                 7067   16888  41.8% -lh5- 6003 Dec 26  1999 MicroDot-II-14/MUI/Textinput.mcp
[generic]                 1920    3272  58.7% -lh5- 1b7d Dec 26  1999 MicroDot-II-14/MUI/Textinputscroll.mcc
[generic]                  825    1233  66.9% -lh5- 94e9 Mar 21  1999 MicroDot-II-14/
[generic]                 6317   19006  33.2% -lh5- 9fce Dec 26  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Register-MD2/Reg_deutsch.doc
[generic]                  507    1391  36.4% -lh5- a98b Mar 21  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Register-MD2/
[generic]                 6955   21145  32.9% -lh5- 27a7 Dec 26  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Register-MD2/
[generic]                 1296    1817  71.3% -lh5- 1414 Mar 21  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Register-MD2/
[generic]                 6001   18581  32.3% -lh5- 5227 Dec 26  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Register-MD2/Reg_English.doc
[generic]                  505    1391  36.3% -lh5- 48c8 Mar 21  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Register-MD2/
[generic]                 6632   20756  32.0% -lh5- 3f02 Dec 26  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Register-MD2/
[generic]                 1301    1817  71.6% -lh5- dbcb Mar 21  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Register-MD2/
[generic]                 6469   19835  32.6% -lh5- c5ea Dec 26  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Register-MD2/Reg_Francais.doc
[generic]                  505    1391  36.3% -lh5- 11cd Mar 21  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Register-MD2/
[generic]                 7126   22194  32.1% -lh5- 8462 Dec 26  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Register-MD2/
[generic]                 1296    1817  71.3% -lh5- c152 Mar 21  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Register-MD2/
[generic]                 1757    2836  62.0% -lh5- a243 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Register-MD2/RegistrationUtility
[generic]                  752    1427  52.7% -lh5- 4dd3 Mar 21  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Register-MD2/
[generic]                  803    1233  65.1% -lh5- bf24 Mar 21  1999 MicroDot-II-14/
[generic]                    0       0 ****** -lh0- 0000 Jan 23  1999 MicroDot-II-14/Rexx/Sorry_Still_Empty
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ ----------
 Total        85 files  513195  948131  54.1%            Apr 21 12:19

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