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Short:(v1.04) SMART mass decoder of USENET binaries
Author:dwhiting at (Dick Whiting)
Uploader:dwhiting europa com (Dick Whiting)
Version:V1.04 Minor fix
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You will need several programs/libraries from Aminet:

   RexxArpLib by Willy Langeveld  - util/rexx/ral3p3.lha

   FlashFind  by Frank Würkner    - util/cli/FlashFind1.2.lha

   A UUdecoder
     e.g. UUout by Nicolas Dade   - util/arc/uuOut114.lha
   A Base64 decoder 
     e.g. Base64coders by Edmund Vermeulen - comm/mail/Base64coders.lha

   A BinHex decoder 
     e.g. binhex374 by Nik Soggia - util/arc/binhex374.lha

   And, of course, some Use Net files with encoded binaries;)


   DWdecode               - the REAL program.
   DWdecode.Base64.Types  - means of identifying Base64 first lines
   DWdecode.Binary.Types  - means of identifying filenames in subject
   DWdecode.Doc           - text format of documentation
   DWdecode.Encode.Types  - MIME encoding types
   DWdecode.Guide         - Amiga guide documentation    - info file for guide
   DWdecode.Prefs         - a starter preference file
   DWdecode.Readme        - copy of the Aminet readme file
   DWdecode.Section.Types - describes Section lines of UUencoded files
   DWdecode.Skip.Froms    - allows for filtering based on From: lines
   DWdecode.Skip.Subjects - allows for filtering based on Subject: lines 
   Samples/....           - subdirectory with example script(s)

   arexxqsort.lha         - handles sorting of stem variables.
       by Willy Langeveld - originally found on Aminet 


This program does MASS decoding of Use Net files. It decodes ALL binaries
that it is able to recognize, which is most;) from the source directory
and optionally from ALL subdirectories as well.


It uses information from MIME content lines, section lines, begin lines
and (if it must) the subject line to determine what kind of encoding is
used and which parts go together. It reports on files that have missing
parts and on ones that it is unable to obtain complete information for.   

It handles either single directories or can handle COMPLETE directory trees.

It handles files with SINGLE & MULTIPLE UUencoded OR Base64 binaries 
within them and Multipart UUencoded or Base64 files.

It handles files with APPLE/DOUBLE format. My logic uses the LAST file 
of a given name within a SINGLE input file. This forces the APPLE portion
to be considered a duplicate and not processed.

It allows you to filenote the decoded binaries with a variety of
substitution values as well as literals. 

It is quite 'smart' and generally can figure out most files.

It is highly configurable and using external files can 'learn'.

It should work with almost ANY Base64 and UU decoder.
See WARNING below about pathname removal.

It allows for filtering based on From: and/or Subject: lines.

It allows for deleting input files after decoding, deleting duplicates, 
deleting input files based on From: &/or Subject: lines, deleting files
that have ONLY text in them, and deleting files based on their age.    

Reporting can be tailored by setting/unsetting a variety of switches on the
command line or in the prefs file.


  v1.04 Fixes:

      Bug fix for errors introduced in handling files with spaces in
      their names.

  v1.03 Changes:      

      Changed to handle input files with spaces in their names.        

      Added XMAIL option. Set this to YES to prevent filenoting input files. 
      It also overrides the DELETETEXT option. 
      This is useful for handling YAM (© Marcel Beck) directories, which use
      the file comment area.

      Fixed to handle Date: headers with EST style GMT offsets. 
      Found some mail Date: headers have TABS in them. Fixed.
      This should allow for running against mail directories properly.

  v1.02 Fixes:        

      Finally, I HOPE, have fixed adding libraries during init. Several
      people told me I hadn't... must have been some other program;)

  v1.01 Fixes/Changes:        

      Discovered that RexxTricks.Library uses the SAME function name as 
         QuickSort, BUT in a different format. 
         Added code to test if RexxTricks is present and to call QSORT 
         in that format if necessary instead of W.L's. 
         The SORTS are faster if RexxTricks.Library is NOT present,
         so try to do decoding prior to anything that might add it.

      Can NOW place in directory named DWDECODE and have it WORK!! Really 
         stupid error - thanks to Paul Copsey for finding this one.

      Now correctly deletes parts greater than 1 of multipart input files
         when DeleteDups is specified. 

      If DWdecode MUST resort to using just Subject: line information will
         now consider the SAME partname appearing multiple times in the 
         subject, IFF it is the only name present, as THE name to use.

      Added support for BinHex files (only 1/1 type files). 
         New variables w/defaults: 
            BinHexCmd='BHD data=%DF %SF'

      Removed unused variable DumpB64Files from preferences/help.

      Now handles PC type lines with Ctrl-M's

      Now filenotes output files containing parens in their names

      Now writes FileNote errors to log/console as requested

      Made maximum filename length on report = 30 characters.          

      Added message referring user to logfile for errors.

      Added Guide format of 'documentation'.

  v1.0  Initial Release


I homeschool my kids and they would love a postcard from where EVER you live. 
Instant Geography Lesson;)      
POSTCARDS:    Dick Whiting                                                
              28590 S. Beavercreek Rd.                                    
              Mulino, Oregon 97042                                        
Bug Reports, etc:                                                         
Dick Whiting <dwhiting at>                   
August 04, 1997

Contents of comm/news/DWdecode14.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                 8234    8234 100.0% -lh0- 7290 Jan  1  1997 dwdecode1.04/arexxqsort.lha
[generic]                31578  168348  18.8% -lh5- 023d Jul 13  1997 dwdecode1.04/DWdecode
[generic]                  260    1776  14.6% -lh5- dd6b Dec 31  1996 dwdecode1.04/DWdecode.Base64.Types
[generic]                  623    2845  21.9% -lh5- 49ee Jul 19  1997 dwdecode1.04/DWdecode.Binary.Types
[generic]                  236     478  49.4% -lh5- 031e Feb 25  1997 dwdecode1.04/
[generic]                 1345    5850  23.0% -lh5- b0b0 Jan  8  1997 dwdecode1.04/DWdecode.Section.Types
[generic]                  587    2816  20.8% -lh5- c1e9 Dec 31  1996 dwdecode1.04/DWdecode.Encode.Types
[generic]                13718   56761  24.2% -lh5- 2e47 Aug  5  1997 dwdecode1.04/
[generic]                  757    3880  19.5% -lh5- 6261 Mar 28  1997 dwdecode1.04/DWdecode.Prefs
[generic]                 2741    6712  40.8% -lh5- ea43 Aug  5  1997 dwdecode1.04/DWdecode.ReadMe
[generic]                  405    1944  20.8% -lh5- 6e29 Jan  2  1997 dwdecode1.04/DWdecode.Skip.Froms
[generic]                  537    2916  18.4% -lh5- 080c Jan  2  1997 dwdecode1.04/DWdecode.Skip.Subjects
[generic]                  255     628  40.6% -lh5- fac8 Jul 19  1997
[generic]                13089   54191  24.2% -lh5- f11d Aug  5  1997 dwdecode1.04/DWdecode.Doc
[generic]                    0       0 ****** -lh0- 0000 Jan  2  1997 dwdecode1.04/DWdecode.Trap.Encodes
[generic]                    0       0 ****** -lh0- 0000 Jan  2  1997 dwdecode1.04/DWdecode.Trap.Sections
[generic]                  251     628  40.0% -lh5- 049d Jan  2  1997 dwdecode1.04/
[generic]                  313     828  37.8% -lh5- 15f6 Jan  2  1997 dwdecode1.04/samples/DoArts
[generic]                  751    1778  42.2% -lh5- 2c30 Jan  4  1997 dwdecode1.04/samples/fixfilenotes
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        19 files   75680  320613  23.6%            Aug  7  1997

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