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Short:Shows WinPopup-Messages from other hosts
Author:PAB at (Philippe-André Bourdin)
Uploader:PAB stud phys ethz ch (Philippe-André Bourdin)
Requires:samba-1.9.16p9 (maybe an earlyer version works too ?)
Kurz:Zeigt die WinPopup-Nachrichten von anderen hosts an.
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 Features :

This little program brings the still missing capability of Windows NT to show
a WinPopup-Message in a small window with sender, time and date to the AMIGA.

Notice, that this Version is my first release I upload to the AmiNet and that
this program is not bringing you any xUI-Surface and other stuff.
It just act like the WinNT-Version: If someone sends a message to your AMIGA
like > net send amiga Blah ! < on Win__-machines
or   > smbclient -M amiga    < on machines with Samba installed.
it will bring up a Window with the message itself inside and the sender, time
and date in the window's titlebar (where 'amiga' should be your hostname).
You may close the window via it's closing gadget. (pretty thing, ey !)
The message will be word-wrapped to fit into the window.

Due to the small size of the code, good old C-programming-style and long long
testing on my machine in a LAN with many types of other machines (and at least
two Ethernet-boards in my AMIGA) I can proudly annouce this version to be
absolute bug-free.
This means, that if you have some problems with it, you will have to check
your smb.conf file:


You should comment out the line : 'smbrun = ...' in the '[global]'-section !
and add the following line (replacing the old entry in '[global]' too !) :

   message command = ARun AmiTCP:Samba/bin/AmiWinPopup %f %m %T %s

In this case as you can easyly see, I have installed AmiWinPopup in the
AmiTCP:Samba/bin directory (which makes some sense) - you can take some other.

Also I use the command 'ARun' from the old arp-Package (found on the gloryous
fish-disks) because the built-in 'Run'-command from AmigaDOS 3.x does not work
on my machine for some reason (detaches not correctly, or so).
So, you should copy 'ARun' to somewhere in your Path, 'C:' is a good place.

Also you (or better 'ARun') will need the 'arp.library' in the 'Libs:'-dir.
I have included two versions of the 'arp.library':
If you use AmigaDOS 2.x or 3.x, just do > copy arp.library to LIBS:
If you use AmigaDOS 1.x,        just do > copy arp.library.orig to LIBS:
	     and then > rename LIBS:arp.library.orig AS LIBS:arp.library
If you have already an arp.library installed, you don't need to do this.

Sorry, no installer yet, but this was not too complicated, I hope !


I think of introducing some GUI-Elements. First I want to make a 'Reply'-
button. Perhaps also a 'Send'- and 'Ok'-button.
Finally I dream of making something like folders or card-pages for each
sender, where appears the old and the new messages together with the text
you wrote to him/her. This would become like ICQ or a chat !
Also I had already the Idea of making an URL-Catcher, which recognices URL's
and e-mail-adresses, so that you can click on it and the browser/mail-program
will be opened.
But in the end I have no devlopper-archive of MUI, ClassAct or any other GUI.
If you like to support me, send some money (first an e-mail !), any demo
sourcecodes or suggestions which GUI to prefer.
Specially I need a demo sourcecode to see how I can detach a program from
the underlaying shell or CLI; then arp.library and ARun are no more required.

If you like to join this work, you're welcome !

Please notice, that this is mailware. If you like it or use it, please send
me a mail or postcard. Also, if you have suggestions or found a bug (what ?).


Bye, you and your AMIGA live long and prosper,

	Philippe-André Bourdin.

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