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Short:V3.0! Get recent aminet uploads with AmFTP
Author:Yves Grabowsky (YvesGrabowsky at
Uploader:YvesGrabowsky t-online de
Requires:RexxReqtools-, Rexxtricks- & tritonrexx.library
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AminetGetFTP is a program, that let's you get the Aminet Recent
Uploads in the Aminet Recent Mail with AmFTP. You can choose the 
recent mail by hand or let AminetGetFTP scan our whole folder for
recent mails. After that you can select the uploads you want, you
click on the start button, AminetGetFTP runs Miami and goes online,
and runs AmFTP and gets the files. When the files are on your HD 
AminetGetFTP goes offline and extracts the received archive to a 
place of your choice (just if you wish). It is very configureable,  
very user-friendly and has many features.


- TritonGUI
- downloads files very fast
- comfortable Configprogram
- you can select a predefined aminet site or specify a own server address
- easy to use
- no limit how much files you want to get
- you have two lists, in the upper you can select which upload you want,
  and in the lower are the uploads, that you want, displayed and can
  be removed everytime.
- you can store files you want to get on disk, collect them and get them
  all at once at a later time
- PropFonts
- you can use your own fonts
- if you click on "Get the files" and you are not online, AminetGetFTP
  will run Miami and go online
- progressbar that shows you what AmFTP and AminetGetFTP is currently doing
- simple but powerful
- you can open it on a pubscreen
- if you wish it goes offline automatically after the uploads are on your HD
- you can configure AminetGetFTP to execute a command or script before
  it goes offline (e.g. when you have a account at Monolith you can dismount
  your host before AminetGetFTP advices Miami to go offline)
- if you want, AminetGetFTP extracts your received archive to a directory
  of your choice
- MultiMail, when you have MultiMail enabled, then AminetGetFTP scans on its
  start your current YAM folder for recent mails and you can then select the
  recent mail by Next Mail/Last Mail buttons, the date of the recent mail
  is also displayed, when you disable it then you have to choose one recent
  mail before you run AminetGetFTP  
- I DON'T WANT MONEY FROM YOU FOR THIS! (but if you still want to send
  me some money, I won't stop you from doing so ;-))

* IF YOU LIKE IT, PLEASE REGISTER!* This version has no limits, it doesn't care
  if you are registered or not. *I don't want money*, I want just to know, that
  this program is used by you. I have written a register program for easy 
(P.S.: When you are a registered user, you will receive some special services,
       for more info read the guide!) 


- Miami
- RexxMast running
- a subscribtion to the "Todays recent aminet uploads" or "Weekly recent 
  aminet uploads" list. If you are not already subscribed then send a mail 
  to "listproc at" and in the body "SUBSCRIBE aminet-daily 
  <your emailaddress>" for the daily list or "SUBSCRIBE aminet-weekly
  <your emailaddress>" for the weekly list. You will then get every day 
  or every week a list with all aminet uploads. Cool, isn't it?
- rexxreqtools.library  (available on aminet)
- rexxtricks.library (available on aminet)
- tritonrexx.library (included)
- triton.library (available on aminet)
- rexxapp.library (included)


V3.0 (11-10-1998)
	- replaced the "go offline" requester with the Go Offline 
	  checkbox in the main window
	- Multi Mails added
	- turned "Stored list" into a selectable list
	- old configs are recognized in the config program 
	- added auto extracting of received archive
	- speeded up download (100% faster)
	- added Execute-a-command-before-go-offline
	- you can now open AminetGetFTP windows on a pubscreen
	- removed a bug (anyone noticed this bug?), when you selected
	  some uploads and clicked on "Store files" the field 
	  "Files stored" still show "No"
	- added a GUI error protection
	- AminetGetFTP checks now for YAM before it starts to
	  work on the recent mail
	- turned reqtools fontrequester in the config program into
	  a ASL fontrequester (looks better)
	- added Tips and Tricks section in the guide
	- bug removed, if you haven't selected any uploads and
	  clicked on "Get the files" the program interrupted by a
	  syntax error

Contents of comm/mail/AminetGetFTP.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                  594    1233  48.2% -lh5- e496 Oct 12  1998
[generic]                13424   28652  46.9% -lh5- f611 Oct 11  1998 AminetGetFTP/AminetGetFTP
[generic]                 1131    1703  66.4% -lh5- cd72 Oct 11  1998 AminetGetFTP/
[generic]                 8615   18136  47.5% -lh5- 0bb6 Oct 11  1998 AminetGetFTP/AminetGetFTPConfig
[generic]                 1127    1703  66.2% -lh5- b79e Oct 11  1998 AminetGetFTP/
[generic]                  820    1233  66.5% -lh5- 822a Oct 11  1998 AminetGetFTP/
[generic]                 7716   21425  36.0% -lh5- ce76 Oct 12  1998 AminetGetFTP/Docs/
[generic]                  744    4657  16.0% -lh5- a2b6 Aug 26  1998 AminetGetFTP/Docs/
[generic]                  813    1233  65.9% -lh5- 77b6 Oct 11  1998 AminetGetFTP/
[generic]                 1187    1596  74.4% -lh5- 31cd Sep  1  1998 AminetGetFTP/Libs/rexxapp.library
[generic]                22047   58028  38.0% -lh5- 843a Dec 23  1995 AminetGetFTP/Libs/tritonrexx.library
[generic]                 3085    4828  63.9% -lh5- a2f8 Oct 11  1998 AminetGetFTP/RegisterAminetGetFTP
[generic]                 1132    1703  66.5% -lh5- 36d6 Oct 11  1998 AminetGetFTP/
[generic]                  223     554  40.3% -lh5- 0f83 Oct 11  1998 AminetGetFTP/SnapshotWindows
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        14 files   62658  146684  42.7%            Oct 13  1998

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