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Short:Brill AnsiWall for TA (By D Lascelles)
Author:David Lascelles (FidoNet 2:256/503, Snail below!)
Uploader:dan adolf demon co uk (Dan Brooke)
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AnsiWall 3.0
This is not a highly technical doc, but it should be easy to follow!....
copy all the text/ files to text:
copy all the libs/ files to lIBS: (should be latest!)
copy the file BBS:config/ansiwall.cfg to BBS:configs
copy bbs/rexx/ansiwall.trans bbs:rexx
edit bbs:rexx/logon.trans and insert the bbs/rexx/addtologon.trans at some
suitable point. Edit the ansiwall.cfg and check that everything works!
Okay having done that you can install the script into you extras menu or
whatever in the usual way... If you like this proggy then why not consider
registering - for that you will get a quicker version, any updates that
come out etc... To register please send between 5-10quid (your choice in
between) to  

David Lascelles
Silver Howe,
High Shincliffe,
with your name, address and fidonet number and I'll send you regular
updates If you can't afford to register then please Netmail me telling me
that you are using it!
v1.2 promises a better ANSI side to it and all bugs found have been fixed
- hope you like it!
v2.0 changed the wall to add my name ;) and to add the press space bar
thing - as otherwise no one would know (who reads instructions!). Now use
cursor keys to select colour, and it checks to see if you entered nothing
(or just spaces) or if your entry is larger than that allowed. I have
removed the keyfile protection system - which would have been most annoying
to anyone who abused it, and have improved the registered version slightly
so that the goodbye part looks better. Next step is to add some stats of
some sort and perhaps a locate comment feature where by when a user selects
another user who has contributed to the wall, his comments are displayed on
a wall all by themselves. But we'll see!
v2.1 I have added multicolour option - so that users may write in many
colours ;). I have also improved the unregistered goodbye part slightly and
have renamed the function so it can be used in conjunction with logoff
proggies that also have Goodbye as an option... The Logon script is now
changed to addtologon.trans for those who copy things straight to their
bbs:rexx dirs! (Hi SG!). I have also added a config file!
v2.1a - quick change to eliminate two bugs..
v3.0 - I have added a nice WAYT fuction (with help by Stu Gillibrand :-))
which allows the user to type direct to the wall, I have also smartened up
a lot of the code and the whole setup looks nicer. You'll see!! I recommend
that you use this in conjunction with CGS 2.0.
BTW why not try and connect intio TADEVL for the discussing and spreading
of files relating to TA Development ?
David Lascelles.
BTW the lastest version of this file is always available at Creepys as
ANSIWALL 24 hours a day on (0191) 3832181. As are many other files (we were
one of the first BBss to have GMS 1.1b, LZX 1.20, VCheck, GED 3.00 etc!)
and naturally the latest copies of all Creepys files can be downloaded and

Contents of comm/bbs/ansiwall30.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                  251     628  40.0% -lh5- 7024 May  7  1995 bbs/
[generic]                  373     627  59.5% -lh5- bbb1 May  7  1995 bbs/configs/Ansiwall.cfg
[generic]                  253     628  40.3% -lh5- 7c84 May  4  1995 bbs/
[generic]                  102     121  84.3% -lh5- d906 May 31  1995 bbs/rexx/addtologon.trans
[generic]                 2376    6532  36.4% -lh5- f7ae May 10  1995 bbs/rexx/ansiwall.trans
[generic]                 7505   11116  67.5% -lh5- d677 Dec 30  1994 libs/requester.library
[generic]                 1187    1596  74.4% -lh5- 31cd Feb 16  1980 libs/RexxApp.Library
[generic]                23636   45152  52.3% -lh5- 6b79 Apr  4  1994 libs/rexxarplib.library
[generic]                 1236    2447  50.5% -lh5- 274a Dec 24  1994 AMNet
[generic]                 1578    3188  49.5% -lh5- a883 May 31  1995 AnsiWall.Doc
[generic]                  253     628  40.3% -lh5- 7c84 May  4  1995
[generic]                 1236    2447  50.5% -lh5- 274a Dec 24  1994 Extra.txt
[generic]                  486     843  57.7% -lh5- 65fe May  9  1995 File_ID.DIZ
[generic]                 1653    1653 100.0% -lh0- 5bf4 May 30  1995 goodies.lha
[generic]                  253     628  40.3% -lh5- 7c84 May  4  1995
[generic]                 1940    2524  76.9% -lh5- 8c12 May  2  1995 libs/rexxsupport.library
[generic]                24803   33392  74.3% -lh5- 2cd1 May  2  1995 libs/rexxsyslib.library
[generic]                  253     628  40.3% -lh5- f11f May  4  1995
[generic]                  401    1831  21.9% -lh5- 88fd May  9  1995 text/Frontwall.ansi
[generic]                  186    1957   9.5% -lh5- ef7a May 10  1995 text/wall.ansi
[generic]                  186    1957   9.5% -lh5- ef7a May 10  1995 text/wall.BAK
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        21 files   70147  120523  58.2%            Jun  2  1995

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