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Short:Spreadsheet, needs FPU
Author:tpassow at (Thorsten Passow)
Uploader:tpassow gmx de (Thorsten Passow)
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 3.0
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     | This is the archive which contains the version for |
     |        68020 CPU and 68881 FPU or higher           |
     |       (a version for 68000 CPU is available)       |

StarAm Plan is an easy to use but powerful spreadsheet program. 
It is shareware, not crippled. Some features are:

 - several sheets at one time in memory with different windows open
 - commands to edit,e.g.: fill range, create series, change range by +-*/
   or function, sort range, change row/column, powerfull cut/copy/paste,
   undo, search&replace, drag&rop
 - 121 stastistic, financial, mathem., date, time, boolean, text, format
   and other functions to use in cells.
 - user-defined functions, variables and cell-/rangenames
 - A lot of formatsettings for cells, e.g.: alignment, suffix, prefix,
   cell-type (text,number,date,time,percent,...), date/time-format,
   protection, text style, borders, text color, decimals, sign, hide zero
 - format-pattern and autoformat
 - A lot of charts with a lot of settings, e.g.: 3d-bar, 3d-line, 3d-area,
   errorbars, regression curves, logarithmic axis, polarcoordinates,
   functionplotter, several charts in one system of coordinates
 - in texts of worksheets and charts you can now use simple mathematical
   expressions ("Formelsatz"): fraction, sub-/superscript, math. symbols
   and greek letters, textstyles italic and bold
 - Settings for screenmode, font, colors, icon, autosave, ...
 - uses appicon, toolsmenu, appwindow, OS 3.0-look and AGA,
   graphics accelerators, clipboard.device, public-screens,
   xpk-libraries, memory pools, shared pens, amigaguide.library,
   gadgethelp, ...
 - most requesters are asynchron
 - projects and 3D-worksheets
 - localized, german, english and italian available
 - a lot of more

Changes since version 2.3

  - preview of print out of the worksheet implemented
  - printing of selected pages possible now
  - some minor improvements
  - some bugs fixed
  - german catalog for AmigaOS 4

Changes since version 2.24

  - almost all chart types can be created using the graphics menu now. This
    includes the superpostion auf different charts. A requester pops up first,
    now, to request the most important settings.
  - the error messages of the commands in the menus edit and format contain
    more information and give you different choices in some cases now.
    The commands will be executed incompletely if this makes sense now.
  - the data in the clipboard can be inserted as complete row or column if
  - it is possible to insert references to other worksheets or layers in a
    formular by mouse now
  - the options empty and zeros are supported by all chart types but the
    2d area chart now
  - the feature provided by XPK to save worksheets encrypted is better
    supported now
  - the autosave function has been improved
  - a lot of further improvements
  - many bugs fixed
  - registered users can get the german manual as PDF file if desired now

a complete and more detailed list is in the archive

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