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Short:DEMO - Amiga personal finance manager
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Gilbert, Arizona      May 26th, 1994
AmiSoft is proud to announce the availability 
of its new Amiga software product, Checks & Balances.
Checks & Balances is an easy to use, yet powerful, personal finance
manager designed for the Amiga.  It is ideal for everyone from the home
user to the owner of a small video business.  Created with ease-of-use in
mind, Checks & Balances has been designed specifically around (and
requires) the AmigaDos 2.0/3.0 interface.  However, even though the
interface has been thoughtfully designed for ease-of-use, the program
still contains features that will make it extremely usefull, especially
for small business use.  
AmiSoft is also proud to announce that as a result of an agreement
between AmiSoft and the Deluxe Corporation, Checks & Balances will
include a special order form giving users a discount on their first order
of Deluxe computer checks for use with Checks & Balances.  
Checks & Balances carries a suggested retail price of $59.95 (U.S.)
It requires 1mb of RAM, 1 floppy disk drive, AmigaDos 2.0 OR 
higher, and is not copy protected.  Included in the package is a 
sample check and a Deluxe order form with discount card.
Dealers: Please contact AmiSoft regarding a special starter kit.
Our goal is to provide Amiga users with another reason to use
the Amiga.  Applications similar to this have been available  
for some 	time on the more boring and average 	platforms.  Now  
with the release of Checks & Balances, 	users are no longer 
forced to use ugly 'PC software 	through some form of 
MS-DOS 	emulation.  We realize that we have entered this game
a bit late, but we feel that it has not yet ended.  We hope that true 
Amiga users believe this as well, and that they support us.
.   Joseph Anthony DeMello 
.           President, AmiSoft							        
Finally, an easy to use, yet powerful,  personal finance manager for the
Ideal for both home or small business, Checks & Balances allows you to
take control of your finances like never before.  Whether you enter your
transactions into the register, or use Checks & Balances to print your
checks, using this program will give you a crystal clear image of your
financial situation.  Be more prepared next tax season, USE CHECKS &
Use the Check Window to write your checks, then print them out with any*
preferences supported printer. The four blank lines for address
information save you the time and hassle of manually addressing your
envelopes.  A memo, ideal for entering information pertinent to the
check, can also be entered and printed on the check.  
Or, if you prefer, continue to use your standard checkbook, then enter
all your transactions into the Register.  As you enter these transactions
you will be able to enter detailed memos, and assign categories. Clicking
on the tax deduction gadget will mark the item as tax deductable, thus
allowing you to filter your reports based upon that criteria.    
No more headaches trying to balance your account each month when you
receive your bank statement.  Reconciliation is now as simple as entering
the statement ending balance and clicking on the cleared transactions. 
You can stop there, or if you like, you can print customizable reports to
find out which transactions are still outstanding.  
Other features include: Drag and Drop - Copy data from one window to
another simply by dragging the mouse.  Saved Transaction Window -
eliminates the need to re-enter recurring transactions.  User Definable
Reports - Print reports based upon Payee, Category, tax-deductability
status, reconciled status, check number, amount, and date.  User
Definable Preferences - select font, screen resolutions, plus many user
interface defaults.  File Independant Password Protection.  Runs under
RTG graphic cards such as Picasso & Retina.  
For further information, or to order, contact your favorite Amiga dealer,
or AmiSoft at:
PO Box 792
Gilbert,   AZ  85299-0792
(602) 926-0013

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